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Universal Joints: A Specialty Of Mario Ferri


The Industrial Revolution is a watershed period in the transformation of this world. The period marked a paradigm shift for humankind as far as dependence on industrial machinery is concerned. The period saw tremendous spate of inventions from every part of the world. Machines started to take over the basic functions of man too.

Under such circumstances, industrialists started manufacturing complex machinery including robots. Many such machines require rotary motion for its functioning. The universal joint is a boon to such industries.

What is a universal joint?

The universal joint or the u-joint as industry refers to it is a joint or a coupling allowing a rigid rod to bend in any direction. It has use in shafts, vehicle gears, and other machinery transmitting rotary motion. It has a pair of hinges located very close to each other. These hinges, oriented at right angles to each other is connected by a cross shaft.

Mario Ferri:

Europe took the lead in invention of new machinery. Italians are a skillful lot. One such Italian Company by the name of ‘Mario Ferri’ started manufacturing the universal joints on a large scale.

Ferri, an Italian industrial manufacturer, is in the business since the last fifty years. They manufacture the highest quality special joints attaining great levels of precision and reliability.

Products of the Company:

The Company manufactures many joints series as below serving a variety of purposes.

Series G-H: The G series is for low to middle speed shafts whereas the H series is for high-speed shafts. The H series do not require any lubrication for the entire life. The maximum speed of a G series joint is 1000 rpm and that for an H series is 4000 rpm.

There are other series such as Joint Series S and Joint Series X. The Company manufactures special joints too. Splinted shafts and Splined bushes are some of the other special joints in the manufacturing list of the company.

 Constant Updating:

Industrial components require constant updating. Ferri has an efficient team of technicians who constantly update their technologies and endeavor to bring novel machinery in the market. Ferri manufactures joints for every type of industry. Their research team takes care of the changing technology and equip themselves to cater to any user requirement. You would find the most resourceful solution to any technical and trading exigency at Ferri.


Universal joints and Mario Ferri are two sides of the same coin. They cannot exist without each other.


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