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Nothing is more frustrating than working away on your computer only to realize you are quickly running out of battery power. If you are starting to notice that your battery life isn’t serving you well, you might try some of these tips to try and conserve your battery power and hopefully extend its life.

1.Turn down the lights – One simple thing you can do is to turn down the brightness of your screen.

2.Keep it Cool – You’ll want to store your laptop in room temperature environments. Extended exposure to heat (like being kept in your car on warm days) or bright sunlight can drain your battery.

3.Defrag – Defragmenting your computer helps your computer run more efficiently and will help extend the life of your battery – plus, your computer will run faster too.

4.Let it Hibernate – Selecting hibernate instead of sleep mode is the best way to conserve battery power.

5.Control the Power – You can visit the Control Panel on your computer and select Power Options; here you will be able to go to Power Plan and if you like you can put your computer in Power Saver mode. This will help to extend your battery life.

6.Update Software – Software updates are good to install for a variety of reasons and one of those reasons is because they can help our computers run more efficiently and means it uses less battery power.

7.Harness the Power of the Plug – It is especially important that you plug in your computer when you are going to be running scheduled tasks such as virus scans or defragmenting. This takes a lot of power so being plugged in will save on battery.

8.Remove CDs/DVDs – Running programs off your hard drive conserves more battery power than using CDs or DVDs so make sure you remove those before you unplug and rely on battery power.

9.Clean Contacts – Make sure to keep battery contacts free of dust and debris because this will help your battery to work more efficiently.

10.Remove Battery – If you aren’t going to be using your laptop for an extended period of time you should remove the battery and put it in a cool dry space to help prolong the life of the battery.

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