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Starting a business takes a lot of work, but the work isn’t done when you open the doors for the first time. In fact, that’s when a lot of the hardest work begins. People have to know that your business exists, and to make that happen, you have to market it. There are many ways to market businesses these days, including using social media. However, while some small business owners have abandoned traditional methods for the Internet, these non-digital marketing tools are still very useful and shouldn’t be ignored.


Flyers are one of the oldest forms of marketing but they still have their place. There are some people who don’t use the Internet or social media sites, but they may see a flyer if you’ve posted it somewhere noticeable. People also tend to take flyers and share the information with others. Even if they take a flyer and later leave it somewhere else, that helps spread your message because someone new may see it. Flyers are also generally very budget-friendly.

Vinyl Banners

If you don’t have a large sign on your building or if you’d like to advertise a special or sale that isn’t permanent, having a large vinyl banner is a good option. These banners can be very attention-grabbing; plus, you can easily roll them up for storage after your event is over. You can also use them at other events such as job fairs to advertise your business. Like flyers, most printing services can make vinyl banners for a very reasonable price and they come with many different options. You can have these banners done in multiple sizes and in full colour.


Posters can do everything from advertise special events to help your customers navigate your store. You can use them to indicate different departments or advertise certain pieces of merchandise. Unlike vinyl banners, posters don’t always last that long. They’re often treated as large flyers that get thrown away after an event. Posters generally feature time-sensitive information such as times, dates, and event information, so they’re designed as a one-time use item. That means you do need to carefully consider where you put them and how many you get, but they are definitely worth investing in.

Promotional Items

When you grab a pen at home, how many times does that pen have a business name on it? Many new businesses invest in marketing tools such as pens, key rings, bags, or other small items that they give out to their customers. These items are useful and many people hold on to them for months or years. Cloth shopping bags, for example, are very popular now and people carry them everywhere. By working with a printing company to create your own cloth shopping bags, you’re basically turning people into walking advertisements. The same is true for t-shirts. Even if you have a cute design or slogan on the front, you can include your business name on the back. It may not always be easy to tell what kind of return you’re getting on these items, but once you start giving them out, you’ll definitely notice an increase in customers.


Products for MarketingVinyl Banners

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