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When you have a website, its functionality and the content become your prime responsibility. That responsibility requires you to have a team of experts who can handle the technical work for you. However, in many situations, the website owners don’t realize the need of the professional expertise until the situation gets critical.

How To Do An SEO Audit Of Your Website

According to a reputed professional seo company India, the SEO audit should be the part of every business’s website strategy. Finding the problems at the initial stage is much better than rushing when the issues become unmanageable.  

What is SEO audit and why you need it?

The audit of the website is conducted to ensure the optimum performance of all the factors. The identification of the SEO problems can help you create the future modification in the strategies. This way, you can rectify the problems and improve the performance of your website.

Here are the tips on conducting the SEO audit of your website.  

  1. Identify the technical problems: The first thing you should start with is the technical issues. Any technical problem on your website can lead to low SEO performance. The problems can be in the Meta tags or any other coding. You need to find these problems and create a list of the technical issues.

If you don’t have enough expertise in the technicalities of your website, then, leverage the expertise of SEO services. The professionals can find out the problems that are limiting the abilities of your website.  

  1. Evaluate the optimization of content: The next thing to do is the evaluation of the content optimization. You need to analyse each content one by one and ensure that it is optimized well. Check that the header tags are used properly, confirm the placement of the keywords, check the image optimization and all the optimization aspects.

When you have hundreds of content pages on your site, it is wise to get in touch with a reliable service. The professional can help you analyse the content optimization.  

  1. Look for the poor content: Poor content is the one with no valuable information, low word count, grammatically incorrect and other issues included. You need to find such contents on your website and create a list. This list will allow you to further select the contents that can be rectified. You can fix a few of them if possible, and remove the ones that can’t get better at all.  
  1. Analyse the site loading speed: The loading speed of your website is one of the prime factors in SEO. The rankings, traffic and the loyalty of the audiences depend highly on the loading speed of the website. Hence, you need to check the speed of the site on various devices. Make sure that your site is able to load within 3 to 4 seconds on various devices.

For complete assistance in the audit and rectification, you need a trusted seo service provider in India. So, find one and discuss all your concerns regarding the SEO issues. The experts will definitely find the problems and fix them for good.


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