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How To Perform A Successful Salesforce Merge?

There are simple tools which can help you in keeping the Salesforce records up to date. In Salesforce system sometimes you come across duplicate records in the system. On going over every record one by one and deleting several records you can loss time as well as potentially loss valuable information in the records. Instead you can use Salesforce merge to merge records easily.

How To Perform A Successful Salesforce Merge?

Some Facts About Salesforce Merge

Here are some of the important points to be noted about Salesforce merge.

  • It is possible to undelete the merged contact from the Recycle bin always if you accidently merged two contacts.
  • For Salesforce merge contact records, the contacts must be on the same account and you are required to be the contact owner of all the records or the contact owner’s manager or a system administrator.

Process Of Salesforce Merge Contacts

Here is the process of merging duplicate contacts in the Salesforce system-

  • On the list of contacts click the Merge contacts button. The Step-1 of the Merge My contacts wizard appears.
  • In the field to the left side of “Find contacts” button, search with the name of the contact you need to merge. Click on “Find contacts” button.  A search results page appears displaying the name of the records.
  • Select a maximum of 3 records only to merge and click on Next. In Salesforce there is a limitation to select only up-to 3 records at a time. The resulting screen is the Step-2  page where a side by side comparison of the selected records.
  • Make a comparison of the information and select the values from the radio buttons which you want to retain. You can also choose to retain all values of a record by clicking the “Select All” button.
  • Click Merge button. You will get a pop-up window which prompts that you verify that you want to perform the Salesforce merge operation or not.
  • Click “OK” button. This makes the contact record to reappear and associated records from related lists are successfully linked on the record of the contact.

The Salesforce merge option is a very useful tool and helps in successfully merging 3 duplicate records at a time. However the limitation is just to select 3 records at a time maximum for a merge. This may limit the use of the option when there are a number of records to merge simultaneously. For that purpose there are a number of tools available in the market which helps in deduplication of the Salesforce records. A good example is RingLead which is helpful in enhancing, cleaning and protecting your Salesforce CRM data.


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