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HP is very well-known in the laptop industry. It even threw out its tablets if you recall. One outstanding and cheap HP netbook is the Pavilion dm1z. It costs around $450 and has tons of features that make it seem like a $600 netbook.


One fascinating thing about the design of the Pavilion dm1z is that it is not restricted only to the lid. The top and bottom are both adorned by HP’s imprinting technology. The material used is still plastic but resembles metal in some way. This material is what makes the Pavilion dm1z look very professional and separates it from other netbooks that use glossy plastic. Despite the new material used, the 11.6-inch netbook only weighs 3.5 pounds. There are netbooks lighter than this but are nowhere near as classy looking.


The device also disperses heat fairly well. It is probably due to HP’s CoolSense technology that is responsible for improving the air circulation. The orientation and location of the parts and selection of materials have been carefully studied in order to find a cool design.


An 11.6-inch screen has a guaranteed 1366×768 resolution. Coupled with an HDMI port, it could substitute for an entertainment system already. The keyboard is a good full-sized one. The clickpad, which HP is famous for, is not that bad although you can still move the mouse when your finger is over the buttons already.


One notable feature of the HP Pavilion dm1z is its 7200 RPM hard drive that can store up to 320GB. Typical 10 and 11 inch netbooks usually have 5400 RPM drives. Having a 7200 RPM one will really boost read and write speeds. It is also one of the relatively few 11-inch notebooks to have an AMD E-350 processor. The Intel Atom is no match for this processor which makes the Pavilion dm1z a nice find.


Another notable feature is the built-in RAM that the device has. When buying the Pavilion dm1z, it already comes with 3GB RAM. Even better, it can be upgraded to up to 8GB if the user can afford. That kind of RAM is somewhat too much as the motherboard might not utilize it all. Still, having the option to upgrade to 8GB is pretty impressive.


Lastly, the HP Pavilion dm1z will surprise any user when it comes to battery life. It can last up to 7 hours with no charging. To be exact, it can last up to 7 hours and 8 minutes. That is already 3 minutes more than the battery life of Atom dependent netbooks.



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