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Today televisions have become an integral part of our lives. In present time televisions are not just mere sources of entertainment for our families and friends, today they offer far more features than before like Internet access etc. In the current market we mostly get to hear about various versions of LED TVs but not everyone is clear about the fundamentals of this product, even sales executives don’t always provide all the details. So in this article we’ve tried to squeeze in a few basics about LED TV.

Know The Basics Of LED Televisions

  • Difference between LCD and LED TVs

This is one of the most basic points one needs to know when shopping for a LED TV. LCD TVs are the predecessor LEDs and they mostly vary in their back light configuration. The former type utilized traditional cold-cathode fluorescent lamps in their back lighting configuration, while the latter utilize a light emitting diode which as per its name emits light upon being supplied with voltage. The absence of the cathode ray bulbs as well as the mercury present in it helps the LED TVs save space as well as be environment friendly.

  • LED Back Lighting Configuration types

There are generally two types of back lighting for LED TVs, namely these are (i) full array back lighting and (ii) edge lit back lighting. Each of these configurations have their own pros and cons, while the full array type provides better contrast and brightness because of the LEDs covering the entire back panel, they end up making the product bulky and hence clumsier than  the edge lit ones. The 2nd type configuration may not provide the same level of display characteristics but as they cluster the LEDs on the edges of the products the sets acquire an extremely sleek look and can save a lot of space.

Know The Basics Of LED Televisions

  • Internet Services

As mentioned earlier, TVs today have broken out of their previous roles and offer numerous other features today. One of the best additional features or services offered by LED TVs today is the Internet services. Today you can access social networking sites, pages, your email accounts as well as conduct video chat and conferences directly through your television. Such applications of LED TVs which come with massive screen sizes like 55 inches or 60 inches, help us gain a much better experience when we Skype with our loved ones who are far away. Further many televisions also provide seamless sharing and swiping of files from and with other gadgets like Notepads, smartphones or laptops. There are even products like the Viera TVs which carry the special function of pairing up with all other products from the same line present in the same home, thus making them all operable from one single remote.

  • Local Dimming

Initially this feature was restricted to only those TVs which had full array back lighting but now the function has been incorporated in many edge lit LEDs too (you need to find out from the company whose product you’re purchasing or thinking of getting about whether they provide this feature in the model you’re looking for).  In local dimming particular diode sets are altered to suit the needs of brightness, colour, contrast and sharpness as per the picture being displayed. Thus it provides a better visual experience as well as saves power.

There are many such great TVs out there with these features and more, you can find out more about them by enquiring from their manufacturing companies.

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