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A look at the two major types of printers will reveal laser printers to be more economical compared to their inkjet counterparts. Unlike inkjet printers, these printers are made to use toners and laser beam which helps in the enhancement of their printing quality thus making them advantageous and ideal for all your printing work. Laser printers have numerous advantages that you can enjoy but you should also ensure that your machine is well maintained so as to enhance its longevity while at the same time allowing it to operate efficiently. Most of the maintenance work is supposed to be preventive and therefore regular and you do not need to involve a professional to help you in this.


Below are some of the preventive maintenance tips to follow:

  • Always switch off the power when the printer is not in use. This is also an important thing to do when maintaining the machine as it will help avoid any cases of short circuiting. Always avoid carrying any maintenance work when the power is on or when the printer is plugged to the power source.
  • Check whether there is any spillage from the toner and in case there is, clean the machine to prevent the toner from spreading all over the machine when carrying out the maintenance. You should also blow away the debris and the dust on the machine using a can of condensed air. Do this regularly.
  • Check the fuser ward and in case it is coated with toner, use the right cleaning kit to get rid of it. It is however important to work on this part only after the machine has cooled down to avoid any injuries in the process. You should also replace the fuser ward in case there is need for that.
  • Use the recommended kit to clean the rollers. This will help avoid any dirty marks from appearing on your print-outs. Cleaning the rollers frequently will help maintain your printer in a clean condition thus avoiding any dirty and unpleasant print results. The rollers should also be replaced when necessary and you can know when to do it by looking at how the appear. In case they appear shiny and glazed, then it is time to replace them.
  • Dust is the most common problem with printers and you should inspect different parts such as the pads and mirrors and clean or blow the dust away. This can be done using a damp and light non-abrasive piece of cloth or use alcohol. Make sure that the material used does not leave some lint on the surface you clean.
  • Avoid the use of ammonia or solvent-based cleaners to wipe your laser printer. Instead, you should consider using some soapy water or isopropyl solution.

When cleaning your printer, make sure that everything that is detached has been replaced, as it should be once you are through with the process. This will help avoid any kind of malfunctioning or accidents that could occur. You should also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in case they have been provided together with your laser printer.


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