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Laptops hold a ton of sensitive data, personal info, and valuable documents. Hence, having your machine stolen or lost is something you need to avoid at all costs. Even if you backed up everything in cloud, it would still be a nightmare to bid farewell to the expensive hardware. Taking precautions is the key to keeping your laptop and data safe, and today we have a striking possibility to locate the devices via applications. Here are some efficient solutions for tackling worst case scenarios.

Tracking Down A Lost Laptop

A Tough Nut to Crack

The ever expanding app market has blessed us with many cutting-edge programs. Take the example of the Prey, which utilizes web control panel for pinpointing devices. Users receive a timestamp report on the current location of the laptop, and may even take a candid picture of the stealer and view his current sessions. With such an advanced piece of software, you can now protect your valuable Apple and important Lenovo parts from hoodlums.

Multiplatform tracking tools like this also wipe out bank credentials as well as online accounts, preventing others from exploiting them.  Now, if you are, for example, immersed in the Apple ecosystem, you might need some additional options. Find my Mac is a free app available in the System Preferences. It takes advantage of the iCloud to find the missing device, lock the hardware, or wipe it out.

The service can be used on as many Macs as you like, so Apple aficionados do not need to spend a dime on security measures. Those who consider their laptop to be C-level important should consider Lojack, a service previously used only for retrieving stolen cars. Now, this software locks in the BIOS and remains there even in cases of erasing a hard drive.

But, the best thing is yet to follow: Believe it or not, upon locating your device, Lojack will send a team of investigators to reclaim it. These benefits cost $14.99 per year, but if the rescue mission fails, the company will reimburse you up to $1000. This level of security certainly comes at a cost, but that is nothing compared to the hassle of losing your tech companion for good.

Killing them Softly

The nightmare of losing a laptop is much easier to cope with when you have proper software tools for making things right. Apps rich in features ensure the safety of data and the investment you made in hardware. The choice depends on the type of the device, your budget and specific needs. Just bear in mind that you have to install these apps before disaster strikes, because afterwards it will be too late.


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