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The UAE is one country that controls almost 60 per cent of the smart phone applications development in the whole Middle East. In fact it the only country in the Middle East to take care of the full mobile app developments completely, says a local report. The infiltration of these kinds of advanced mobile apps is wonderful and high in the UAE. The UAE has now actually become an important global player. The credits should go to its openness and willingness to the acceptance of the world economically and technologically and also adhere to the world class infrastructure. UAE has an established ICT infrastructure with availability of the latest and most trendy smartphone models and even computers that have attracted the complete attention of the ICT investors to this region. The UAE plays a role of commercial centre in every region where all the telecom companies are present to attract mobile app development.

 Mobile Application Developers Are More From UAE

The most widely downloaded and used apps in the UAE are mostly related to entertainment and stuffs like music, videos, and games amongst others. Users seem to use apps that are spiritual and religious like the Quran and Islamic based lectures, several prayer time songs and even Hajri timings notifications.

It is estimated that the 40 per cent of the smartphone users actually use about six to ten applications on a daily basis.

The increased use of smart phone apps has actually led to the growth in line of the apps development. This is due to the popularity of smartphones and their increased use in the region. The users and developers are getting these high ratings and position because they concentrate not just on the Android but also on Blackberry and iPhones also.

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Nowadays the users have started using the smartphone and apps to book tickets, order food, pay bills and what not. They are doing every possible use out of their phones thus the need for having more apps that are innovative and creative. Due to this growing trend and immense support by users the mobile apps are now becoming an essential requirement for most of the companies to actually service the businesses and even customers.

Mobile Application Developers Are More From UAE

The various reasons on why the UAE has more developers are as follows;

  1. The UAE users use more mobile apps than anyone else from Middle East and the users demand creative and updated app always.

  2. The app and its development have greatly increased due to varied operating systems usage and support.

  3. The infrastructure and government support is very high and the developers have a really best environment and support. UAE has quite a very advanced IT sector with all positive government programs to encourage various technological companies.

  4. Saudi Arabia, UAE is considered as the biggest regional telecom market in the Middle East in terms of revenue. It is the biggest within the full Arabian Peninsula while numbers of subscribers are taken into account.

These are the top 4 of the many reasons why UAE has more mobile app developers than any other country especially in Middle East.


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