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Leading security firm Sophos has launched Sophos Mobile Control, targeting security for mobile devices and smartphones. The new product is an add on the company’s existing line-up of end point security and data protection systems that include Sophos Anti- Virus, Sophos Client Firewall and Sophos Disk Encryption.

The company has been offering protection for a large array of businesses for smartphones and other hand held devices.Sophos is a major player in security systems for only the enterprise level and not for the home users. The new product will help businesses in mobile device management, giving corporate networks comprehensive administrative control of securing, monitoring and configuring attached devices in the domain.


Taking into account the mobility of the portable devices, the new Mobile control allows companies to enforce policies over air like in the case of theft of handset the producer can remotely lock the device or wipe off its contents. Another attracting feature is the web based console providing complete central configuration of security policies. It also offers access to corporate email through a secure gate that enables on company registered devices to access sensitive email.


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