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Here comes yet another Facebook app- the Facebook Messenger with the goodness of the VoiP and the functionality of Facebook chat. By adding free VoiP to the existing Facebook chat, the app makes it easy to engage in voice chats totally free of cost.

Once logged in to the Facebook account, one can connect for a free VoiP chat with any of the online friends. But, the other-end user should have installed Facebook messenger.And in case of use of Facebook through a PC, Facebook Messenger will issue a link that leads to a Website where users can speak via a Flash-based VoiP app.

This easy-to-use app also lets to view friend’s wall, post pictures and browse message history. One can also use emoticons and set up multi-tasking  and sound notifications from the app.Reports say that the app will introduce paid plans for regular phone numbers as well. The Facebook app can now be downloaded for $0.99 and requires iOS 3.1.2+.


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