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We live in an age of technological exploration; some to keep us entertained, some to help us in our work lives and some to keep us alive. The latter being the most important out of the list, yet quite often they are the least talked about technologies. So here we are going to celebrate everything that is great about some of the latest technology that could end up saving your life.

Electronic Cigarettes

Starting with one of the technologies that is easily accessible to all; the electronic cigarette has become a life saver to many over the past couple of years. The most obvious way that they help is by helping us to stop smoking, cutting out the harmful carcinogens that cause cancer and heart disease. They also help to keep you motivated throughout your quitting journey enabling you to restore your health. There are a wide range of E-Cigs available – which one you choose has to come down to your personal choice, so why not check out the full range of E-cigs and accessories today.

Intellidot System

From the easily accessible to all, to a new piece of technology that is changing the face of hospital drug administration. The Intellidot system scans patients wrist bands in order to find out what drugs they are being given and exact dosages. This stamps out any issues of wrong drug administration and makes the whole process more efficient for both the patient and the hospital staff, never more so than if the patient cannot communicate what medication they are being given.

e cig


Hospitals are always looking for the newest innovations to come onto the medical market and this year’s top tip is Cellvizio. This is the tiniest medical grade microscope, fitted to the end of a probe that can detect any precancerous cells within your body. Yes, this microscope can predict if you are likely to develop cancer in the future and where it will be.  If the technology picks up that you have some form of precancerous cells then you can get treatment at the earliest stage, making for a better outcome in the long run.

Toga System

Weight loss technology has come a long way over the past few years especially since there has been an increase in the battle against dangerous obesity. However up until recently the main procedure for combatting weight loss was to have a gastric band fitted. This is a tricky and potentially dangerous surgery that can pose multiple risks. There may be hope though in the form of the Toga System which promises to reduce the size of your stomach without the need for external surgery. Firstly it is important to note that the technology hasn’t yet been approved, but it is looking promising. The technology is placed down the patient’s throat during sedation. It staples the stomach creating a small pouch. The device will cut out the general anaesthetic and also the need to undergo surgery – sounds perfect.


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