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A tradeshow is an ultimate chance to reach out to scores of prospects and customers face-to-face. If you have already made up your mind to participate in an upcoming trade show where you can present your company, products or services, you must do your homework beforehand. Since your participation in a tradeshow means you have to spend a lot of time and money, it is essential to make the most of such an opportunity. While you must be super excited to participate in the tradeshow, remember that you will not be the only one out there. Be very well prepared to showcase your products and services in the best way possible to attract maximum audiences, otherwise you would not be able to garner any success out of it.

Here are the top 3 tips that will help you standout at a tradeshow:

  1. Grab a prominent location: The choice of the right location is extremely important. Make sure you choose a spot that is prominent and could catch the attention of the visitors instantly. It is obvious that the cost of a stall at a leading location will be higher compared to others. But it is certainly worth investing as you get the spotlight you aspire, which is your main purpose of participation in the tradeshow.
  2. Use unique color schemes: Color scheme is another area that deserves your attention. Use a color scheme that go with your corporate color, so people can relate your brand with it , and make sure it is striking. Brighter colors such as red can be suitable, as they grab the attention from a distance as well. But in case your color design boasts darker shades such as blue, you may use brighter shades to create a more stunning effect.
  3. Presentation: From the location to the layout, from color design to the banners you use, remember it’s all about presentation. Make sure you place banners at suitable locations on the stall, and also arrange the products (if any) appropriately. Go for proper customized stands for products to catch the attention of the visitors in a jiffy. Use attractive giveaways and present them to every visitor as a souvenir. The presentation also counts so wrapping gifts in attractive gift wrappers or bags can also be a good idea.

If you are not very sure how to go about a tradeshow, hiring professional event management companies may help. It is wise to check online reviews and read comments of customers. I used Exhibitsetc services for floor displays once. They created a beautiful custom floor displays for trade shows for us and we were able to attract thousands of visitors on the first day of the show. Bear in mind the best 3 tips I shared above and hopefully you will also be able to market your product/service to your potential customers effectively.


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