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If you are looking for a web application that you are sure of that would not only keep your privacy but allow you to spill out your different thoughts than the web application Penzu would be the perfect one for you. Below you will find a brief overview of what this web application consists of as well as some of the features and benefits that the user will get from using this web application.

Penzu is essentially a web application that allows for its users to keep a private journal. Okay, so you might be thinking how it can be private if it is online and in a web application but trust me it is. Penzu prides itself in keeping certain things out of other people’s eyes and hands. In the year 2010 the web application Penzu has rocked and has become a very popular web application with many different types of people.

With this new version of Penzu they have seen additions that include an HTML5 application that mobile, and other device users, can use. So that they do not miss out on the Penzu experience just because they were away from their computer. Even with some of its flaws the user will find that this web application rivals some of the older more experienced web applications in this field but it can also down right demolish other ones with its popularity.

Not only is Penzu a web application that is great to use but it will give its users what they are looking for, a great journal web application. We all know what the therapeutic benefits are from having a journal as long as no one reads your private thoughts. Penzu also offers their users plenty of different features that will allow for them to fully customize their journal. This web application also allows for its users to connect with some other services, such as Flickr, to help make their journal more personal.

With any type of web application, especially a journal application, they would want to make sure that their information does not get into the wrong hands. Penzu has taken the time to think about their users when they had decided to create this web application. Who doesn’t need to sit down and write about all the horrible events that happened today? Penzu has taken some of the best features from around the web and incorporated them into this web application as well so everyone has every feature that they would love to use.


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