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We all know for a long time how the photo shop influenced the photo worlds with its fantastic features and editing capabilities. It has been a tremendous magical application for the photo-editing people because of the numerous capabilities comes with the Photoshop application had used by many image editors to create fantastic world-class images. This application has been used in many fields like medical, photo editing, designing, brochure designing and big banners designing and so in so many other fields. Now a simple user also started to use the application to create his own imaginary and creative images with Adobe Photoshop help. This application also started the Android mobile application, which is already in play store, you can download easily.

                The application comes in small but come with pretty basic and primary editing tools. This application works as personal editing application with all its desktop kind of feature and presets. We can find most of the basic tools from a desktop version Photoshop in this mobile application. Instead of giving heavy menus to manipulate the image, the application come with a simple presents which will be touch friendly and easily handle.

                The UI of the application stays so simple easier to access the tools and filters and presets available in the application. Designers and developers are creating such great application in simple pocket application, which helps us to edit the pocket photos with small touch-ups. You can find the filters like crop, straighten, rotating, flipping, color adjustments, red eye removals and other presents and editing tools.

                The adjustments and level panels availed in this small pocket application, adjusting hues, brightness settings, white balance are coming in slider settings. These sliders make the effect applying easier, you just have to slide the option to left or right to change values and parameters. We can also find the artistic settings, vibrant and glow settings.

                Additionally, with this application, we get social sharing buttons, which makes the job easier to share pictures you edited with just a few touches into social sites like Facebook, instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. It gives an access to capture a snap right from the application, it has gallery browsing option to view all your captured images and also selection to edit.


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