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We all are aware of WhatsApp and its use and over the time the total number of users has reached 400million and still counting. The chief merit of WhatsApp is that it is free of cost as well as easy to use application. Because of that, WhatsApp become an accessible medium to get in touch with friends & family. As we know, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media application, and everyone knows how to operate it.

While store owners are always in a hunt of a quick and easy way to get in touch with their customers. Many store owners are trying different marketing tools, which are not such impactful for the business. So apart from peer to peer communication, how WhatsApp can help the business to grow & engage with their customers is always a big question.

So here we have listed some compelling reasons how WhatsApp can help the business to grow faster & engage with customers in no time.

So discussing some of its main advantages…

1) Improve your Customer Service:

Using WhatsApp, the customer and the store representative can continuously be in touch with each other, thus, which increases the customer assessment. By using WhatsApp as a support tool, you can assist your customer in making a real-time purchase or one can server after support if they needed.

2) Peer to Peer Communication:

With the help of WhatsApp, the customer can directly communicate with the owner or support them in regards to any query complaint or other inquiries. Because open communication is essential in running the company fluently without any obstacles, this will work for you.

3) Cross-Platform Support:

There are times when you want to communicate with an employee or customer with your PC or you want to send data which is available in your PC, here the feature of the WhatsApp web is very useful.

Not just by using App but you can also make use of WhatsApp Web App that allows you to send & receive a message using your own desktop or PC. So you are free to provide WhatsApp on cross-platform without depending on a specific device or operating system. You can also integrate WhatsApp Contact Extension in your store that allows your customer to ping you with a single click.

4) Serve Store Updates:

Using WhatsApp, your store customer can constantly be in so instead of using the typical communication medium to deliver order updated you can also server personalized shopping experience by sending order updated directly to your customer’s WhatsApp. Making use of third-party WhatsApp Order Notification Extension inside your eCommerce store.

5) Utilizing WhatsApp Broadcast Feature:

You can use the default WhatsApp functionality of creating a broadcast list that allows you to quickly send a single message to multiple WhatsApp contact in a single click. As you launch new products or offer in your store promptly broadcast that message to your communications in no time. This improves your efficiency of reaching your genuine store customers and encourage them to purchase more.

6) Receive Orders on WhatsApp:

Gone those days when the customer has to visit your website or store to place on orders. Because nowadays during a chat with customer many times it happens that to save their times & efforts customer ask you to place an order on behalf of them. So, it is beneficial for businesses to quickly chat, engage and convert store visitors into customer’s but receiving their orders on WhatsApp. You can also try third party Order On WhatsApp Extension to integrate such functionality at effective prices quickly.

7) WhatsApp as a Marketing Tool:

Marketing is a very critical apparatus in any business which helps in the expansion of any company and increases its revenue stream. WhatsApp marketing is one of the future marketing strategies, which is very useful in marketing drift. And if done correctly can be a handy tool for marketing. Marketing can be undertaken with ease by different groups and the community. If there is a new product in the store which is relatively new and no one knows, then through the WhatsApp status one can advertise and market the product.

8) Increase Customer loyalty:

In this age and time, everyone wants a fast and sustainable service which, if delivered, can bring great loyalty from the customer. From the above points, we can easily assert that with WhatsApp the efficiency of any e-store or any company can be increased at a great extent and thus, in turn, bring in loyal customers to the store. If a customer is faithful, then he/she will always check the store, which is more reliable as per him/her.

From reviewing the above points, we can easily see the importance of WhatsApp in any business and the advancement of the company through it. Thus, in a Nutshell, we can conclude that using WhatsApp is very helpful in expanding any business through its very many advantages and any online store can make a significant improvement in their revenue and customer support using such application.



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