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There are study environments that have all that is required for the work done within their walls to be highly productive and time and effort saving. Unfortunately, there are study environments that can only be called as such by those who have never entered their previously described namesakes.  If you feel as something is lacking and you somehow cannot produce results that you know you are capable of it was high time you changed the setting and turned your study into a truly productive environment. Here is the road that needs to be taken.

Have a Dedicated Study Place

A study desk and a comfortable chair are a good foundation. They should be placed at a spot where least distractions occur. For example, no TV or multimedia of any kind should be in the vicinity if they present a temptation of any kind, or are frequently used by other family members. The place needs to be aired and kept fresh at all times since it provides a healthier and more inspiring environment. Finally, all that is required should be within hand’s reach. This goes for pencils, books, notebooks and a computer too.

Roads Towards A Truly Productive Study Environment

Let the Sunshine In

Sound familiar? Well, not surprisingly since it is the sun that essentially moves everything around us.  When it comes to study environment, studies confirmed that natural light has a strong influence on productivity, positive naturally. On the other hand, if your study hours are usually at times when there is no natural light, or it does not suffice, it is important that artificial lighting solution provides enough luminosity. Design and type do not play a significant role here; their main purpose is to be adequate sources of light.


There is nothing worse than having to go through piled up documents and folders in order to find what is needed at that moment. On the second thought, the only worse thing is doing it all over again in a couple of days. The same goes for digital versions too. Therefore, a decluttered physical and virtual space is one of the requirements for providing a productive environment. Even if going through all the documents all over again does not make you nervous it certainly is time consuming and this does not go in the same sentence with productivity under any circumstances.

Roads Towards A Truly Productive Study Environment 

Isolate the Outside Noise

Outside noise is one of the biggest disturbance factors in any situation that requires concentration and intellectual work. This is especially true if you are located near frequent roads, school yards, city center or industrial area. The best way to isolate and eliminate the outside noise is to soundproof the exterior walls. Sound insulation is one of the main benefits of double glazed windows and they should be taken into strong consideration, as well.

Assume the Right Position

Lying down on the bed, sitting on the floor or behind a study desk all provide different productivity when it comes to studying and the positive effects increase respectively. This is all physics. Lying down prepares the body for sleeping, sitting down on the floor requires more energy than the upright position on the chair behind the study desk and all the available energy needs to be invested in an increased intellectual function. Therefore, make sitting behind the desk a habit and the results will be clearly improved.

Roads Towards A Truly Productive Study Environment

Obviously, there are numerous factors that contribute to productive study environment. If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, do take it step by step. Each effort counts and as soon as they become a habit everything will be easier and evidently more productive.


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