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If you are even a little bit familiar with Stanley Meytin marketing blog, then you’ve probably seen me talk about the importance of content marketing on more than one occasion. There’s a reason I keep harping on it – content marketing should be your number one priority as a marketer. Any online marketing campaign that doesn’t have content marketing as a primary strategy is bound to fail. The following are ten reasons why exactly content marketing is such an essential component to your marketing strategy:

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Your Top Priority As A Marketing

1. Content marketing helps boost brand awareness – Content helps to bring in more visitors through social shares and SEO, which means that you are continually boosting the awareness of your brand by regularly updating your blog content.

2. Content marketing helps build brand authority – If you create high quality content for your blog, you’ll eventually build a reputation as an authority within your industry. Readers will keep returning to read your blog and will begin sharing your blog posts. You may even be asked to do guest blogs on other websites.

3. Content marketing builds trust with visitors – By providing with content that is of high quality, meaning that it is relevant to your visitors in addition to being helpful (not to mention free), you’ll begin to gain the trust of your visitors – an important step in the journey of the customer.

4. Content marketing brings in organic traffic – Content marketing you the opportunity to strengthen the SEO of your website, making your site easier to find via search engines. Remember, Google loves good content and tries to reward websites with good content by improving their search rankings, which means that the more quality content you post, the more organic traffic you’re bound to receive.

5. Content marketing helps you to capture leads – Not only does build trust, but it can act as a vehicle for capturing your leads. You can provide incentives in your blog posts for readers to opt-in to your email list by providing longer, more in-depth downloadable content in return.

6. Content marketing will help you nurture your leads – Once captured leads via your blog, you can employ content marketing via your email campaign in order to nurture your leads, eventually turning them into customers.

7. Content marketing will lead to more backlinks – If you consistently writing good content that is being shared on social media, then there’s a good chance that other websites will pick up on it and post links to your content via their websites. By earning backlinks like these, you’ll help to improve your Page Rankings.

8. Content marketing helps improve your social media presence – having more blog posts that you can post or link to on your social media pages, you’ll generate more interest from your followers. Followers can also share or like your content, allowing more people on social media to see your content, increasing the likelihood that they will follow your brand.

9. Content marketing helps to inform audience – You can use your in order to provide useful information to your target audience. By making your audience more informed, not only will you build trust, but you will also help inform their purchasing decisions.

10. Content marketing influences consumer decision making – Using your blog or email campaign, you can show consumers the benefits of your products or services and how they can be a solution to their problems and needs.

Hopefully, these reasons will help you understand why I’m always emphasizing the important of content marketing so often. For more advice concerning your marketing strategy, be sure to visit  Stanley Meytin blog today.


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