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Security Gateway

Security is an important thing for internet users, as well as, service providers.  Consumers protect themselves by getting an anti-virus and security software, whereas service provider use a security gateway to protect their customers and enterprise from the exploitations and attacks that can come from the numerous types of networks for mobile and fixed networks over the internet.

An operator’s core network is exposed to numerous types of attacks and exploitations through their mobile voice and multimedia traffic’s back hauling since it’s use is through the internet.  Subscribers can easily and transparently access and roam between 3 and 4G networks, as well as, Wi-Fi and small cell networks.

Security gateways differ in their scalable platforms in the market but there are some that reach over a million Internet Sec tunnels per blade with sub second fail-over.  The levels of security can vary as well.  One of the leading security gateways provides superior security with consistent mobility between network types.  IP Security and Internet Key Exchange tunnel performance can also be reached at market leading levels with the right gateway security.  By deploying a single platform for common services across the smaller and other cells, the migration to 4G is performed smoothly and effectively.  The multiple standard based functions are supported including the standalone residential and enterprise small cells when the right security gateway is deployed and implemented.

A security gateway that’s network proven can enable mobile operator back haul use of fixed broadband, as well as, provide full support for subscribers on multiple Wi-Fi functions including those untrusted networks with third Generation Partnership Project WLAN and ePDG packet data gateways and iWLAN tunnel terminating gateway.  A carrier class, high availability, sub second fail-over is a benefits available through the world’s most deployed security gateway that can be found through a variety of vendors.

Since consumers, businesses, and subscribers are taking more protection with their personal devices and personal information by implementing security and antivirus software, it only makes sense for the providers of services to protect their subscribers and their own networks from exploitation and attacks.

Since there are a number of security gateways available, enterprises and operators can do well by researching the gateways.  As with consumer’s security suites, the measure of security varies amongst products and services, as well as, costs.  As consumers may be able to give up some of their benefits, it’s not advisable for operators and enterprises to put their growth by having an inadequate security gateway.  Many vendors have network solutions of different levels to accommodate enterprises of all levels and sizes including security gateway solutions.  It doesn’t have to be difficult to support 2 and 3G, and IMS models across GSM, CDMA and other networks, getting the right security gateway is the key to manageable and secure mobile and fixed multimedia and voice traffic.

QUANTiX security gateway is known to be the most deployed gateway globally and provides the most secure and manageable services.


Security Gateway

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