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The all new VPCZ 137GX of Sony perfectly combines different features in it including the understandability to the user, easy in carrying around and the way it performs. All these features sin one laptop has made it able unbeatable.  Comparing to the usual laptops that are ultraportable, it is not that much lighter in weight or smaller in size, but still it features in it the screen display of 13.1 inch. Other than this, the resolution of the display is 1600 by 900 pixels. In addition, it is equipped with the attached DVD burner. However, if compared with a usual laptop of 14 or 15 inches, the weight of this laptop is lighter. Other than this, generally, this is an attractive laptop to see and the way it has delivered the performance is outstanding.

A drawback that has been seemed to be of this laptop is its price which is $2300. However the reason for this is the hard disk of 256GB. This hard drive allows this laptop to install Windows 7 of 64 bits in it which is not possible in case a usual hard drive is attached to the laptop. In spite of the availability of this hard drive, it takes assistance from the processor that is quicker than the highly performing Core i5 460M Intel processor of 2.53 GHz. There is also an option found in this Sony laptop that offers of 1066MHz DDR3 memory of the system of 4GB. In addition, it has also been provided with Nvidia GeForce GT 330M GPU and along with this 1GB of video memory. The laptop has also been tested for games and gave an outstanding performance. The video tested was 1080p HD. This video played absolutely efficiently on the elegant display of this laptop. Along with this, the audio was also absolutely understandable. However, the laptop was felt to be short of bass, but this is usual in the laptops.

The battery time that this laptop offers is also great. According to a test conducted on this VPCZ 137GX, the exact battery time was calculated as 6 hours and 20minutes. Although the DVD burner is attached to the laptop, but still it offers many other kinds of ports. The ports that this laptop constitutes include three ports for USB 2.0; however there is no port for USB 3.0. Other than this, it has been equipped with the ports of gigabit Ethernet, HDMI and VGA. The laptop also has the features of N-wireless and Bluetooth. There is a special feature in it, Share My Connection of Sony. Using this feature, one is allowed to share the internet connection with five extra users. You will find another port in this laptop of memory stick MagicGate. In addition, there is also a port of DS memory card. Other than this, there are slots for the microphones and headphones to be attached to the laptops. However, this laptop does not constitute the ports of Sony I.links and eSATA.

The laptop has also been equipped with a webcam having the resolution of 640 by 480. Overall the laptop seems to be nice and efficient but for many users the non-availability of the port of USB 3.0 maybe a hitch.


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