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Technology pervades every aspect of our lives.  From technology in our homes to technology in the classroom, we are working, studying and communicating differently thanks to technology.  We live in a world where it is not only completely possible but quite common for individuals to take classes from home as well as work from home.  Friends who live hundreds or thousands of miles away from one another can communicate quickly and easily through Facebook or email.

One unexpected area where technology has several benefits is in our automobiles and even in semi trucks.

Insurance Discounts

Progressive auto insurance introduced the Snapshot program several years ago.  Customers can voluntarily agree to install the Snapshot device in their vehicle for a certain amount of time, and Progressive tracks what time of day they drive, how they drive and how hard they brake.  After that, the insurance company determines if the individual should receive a discount on his premium.  Some people receive as much as 30% off their premium thanks to the information Snapshot records.  (Progressive says that insurance premiums can’t go up; they’ll just stay the same if a person’s driving doesn’t warrant a discount.)


In other countries such as Russia, almost every car has a dashboard camera.  This helps determine who is at fault in an accident.  Many predict that other countries will eventually follow suit and equip all automobiles with dashboard cameras.

Fleet Management

For businesses, there is a lot involved in running a big rig operation.  High tech fleet management allows the business operating a line of semi trucks to monitor them in a variety of ways. Aidc Solutions supplies software to commercial fleets for just this purpose.  Monitors in the semi can make sure the tire pressure is correct as well as gauge fuel economy.

GPS Tracking

The monitors can also let the company know exactly where the semi truck is and how long the driver has been driving.  However, GPS tracking isn’t just for the big rigs.  Some automobiles are installed with OnStar, which can assist a driver in the event of an accident and can notify rescue personnel of a vehicle’s location thanks to GPS tracking.

We all sometimes worry about Big Brother tracking our every move, but the simple fact is that most of the technological enhancements in our vehicles (and in semi trucks) help us.  We can save on insurance, be found if we need rescuing, and determine who is to blame in a vehicular accident.  We’ve come a long way since automobiles were invented over 100 years ago!


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