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Summary: The CLA class is the least expensive way to get into the world of Mercedes Benz. Having entered the U.S market back in 2013, the CLA is now the third most popular Mercedes Sedan.

The US has seen a largest markets of Mercedes Benz CLA class in recent times.  The German brand focuses on keeping that popularity going with the newly redefined 2017 model. The sedan comes is highly admired for some amazing features including attractive exterior, luxury equipment, and more. If performance is the all-in-all priority, it would be ideal to opt for the revised CLA45 AMG. It is expected that the updated version would catch the attention of the car enthusiast for its elegant features and look.

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the updated 2017 CLA-Class during 2017 New York International Auto Show. The new model has got updated exterior and interior features, coming equipped with advanced technology, excellent features, and a more enduring high-efficient AMG version, notes the Mercedes Benz service Greensboro experts.

The 2017 CLA250 4Matic and Mercedes Benz CLA250 will come equipped with a 208-hp inline-four paired alongside a 7G-DCT. This will give the CLA a 0-60 time of 6.8 and 6.9 seconds, respectively, with the highest speed of 130 mph. The CLA45 AMG will put forth 375 hp from its inline-four, generating the highest speed of 155 mph, while kicking down 60 mph in 4.1 seconds.

To redefine the ClA’s design, Mercedes has added a new front bumper to the model. It features a silver, black or chrome trim strip, and the rear bumper is defined with an available trim strip in chrome or black between the tailpipes. The tailpipe panels now feature bumper, offering the model a more sophisticated look and dynamic appearance where the panels join together.

Lunar Blue exterior color is an automatic preference for most of the customers. The 2017 CLA will appear with new wheel designs complimenting the updated exterior design of the 2017 CLA. Inside, the elegant model includes new seat covers, chrome-plated controls, trim materials, a slimmer 8-inch media display with a new glass cover as typical features. The instrument cluster has also been slightly modified to add red needles and new style dials that are simpler and easier for the driver to read.

For the 2017 model year, you can look for LED high-efficient headlights with a color temperature that’s more or less closer to actual daylight than typical traditional headlights. This feature allows the driver to adjust his eyes during night drives as it ensures a 60 percent lower energy consumption than xenon headlights. These new headlights can be fixed with automatic intensity control taillights that help regulate luminosity.

Mercedes will keep offering the CLA with the latest assistance and safety models, such as selectable drive modes powered by Dynamic Select and standard active brake assist. This system not only allows the driver to control the drive mode but also adjust other traits of the vehicle, including steering feel, transmission and engine. The ambient lighting system, which encapsulates 12 color moods, can also be controlled with the help of this system.

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA class will be launched later this year in coupe-like four-door form. Overall, the car is likely to be impressive. However, it would be wise to take it to the nearby Mercedes Benz repair Greensboro NC center to ensure long life span.

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