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Over the last few years there has been huge advancements in led screen technology and we don’t just mean the type of led screen you have in your living room, but the type that you might have seen when you go to a music concert or even a horse trials! We mean the 46 sq ft mobile contraptions that you see showing live footage or sometimes adverts. Which is a mobile led screen with built in edit suite and on-board generator. The screen is on a large mechanical arm so it can be situated in several places that the normal truck screens can’t access. It is quite a remarkable piece of machinery!

The Advancements In LED Screen Technology

If you look across the led landscape, you can see just how quickly the led screen market is progressing, as now, compared with only a few years ago, you can get led screens in your home, and that wasn’t possible on household budgets only a few years ago. It used to be the option of either lcd or plasma. Here’s some further information on led screens and why they are the better screens to buy these days. (If not a little expensive)

LED screens, as their name suggests, use light emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate the display, instead of cold cathode fluorescent lights, LED Screens are thin, energy efficient, and can produce a great picture, but getting all three of those features costs a premium. You can get bathroom mirrors with led lights in them aswell for your super tech new bathroom.

As you can imagine energy efficiency is an important factor when choosing an HDTV, and between the three technologies LED-backlit HDTVs win again.

Overall, I’d go for led screen, then plasma then lcd, and throughout all of this it is down to what your wallet dictates you can afford, but one thing’s for sure, led screens win out above all.


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