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On account of the fact that cyber security is an increasingly critical issue for most modern businesses, more and more organisations are looking to bolster their defences against both internal and external threats.

But while installing antivirus software and email filtering solutions is all well and good, these measures don’t provide answers on what would actually happen in the event of an attack. To find out this information, in-depth examination and analysis is required.

Penetration testing is one such method that attempts to evaluate the security of an organisation’s IT infrastructure or online web assets. This task is usually carried out by a dedicated and specialist provider, but what are the benefits of a website penetration testing company?

What is IT and website penetration testing?

The penetration testing of IT Infrastructure and websites is a proactive and authorised attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities of a website, computer system or network. The two main types of penetration tests are:

Blackbox or external penetration testing

This audits the target from an outsider’s perspective with no prior knowledge of the system

Whitebox or internal penetration testing

This looks at the target host with insider knowledge, such as gaining access from a user account

Although blackbox penetration testing is the preferred method among most providers, whitebox penetration testing can provide additional insight into a system or network such as whether user account access controls work or not.

Due to the comprehensive and complex nature of penetration testing, it is highly recommended that you enlist the services of a professional provider. By doing so, you can reap a number of far-reaching rewards too.

What are the benefits of a penetration testing company?

Contributes to continuity

An attack to your server could result in financial loses, damaged reputations, and a huge disruption to daily operations. But through penetration testing, you will not suffer from a breach in business continuity, as your security systems will have prior knowledge of potential threats.

Manage risk effectively

When you perform a penetration test, it will be possible to identify vulnerability in the system and any associated risks. These can then be categorised and prioritised according to your objectives.

Protect clients and partners

Not only does your organisation have lots to lose from a security breach, your clients and partners do too. So, penetration testing can also help you build stronger relationships, as any individual or business that deals with you will have greater confidence in your ability to protect them.

Minimise client-side attacks

If you only assess the security of your servers, then you run the risk of being targeted with client-side attacks, which will exploit vulnerabilities in software like web browsers and PDF readers. Penetration testing can safeguard against this.

Comply with regulations

The compliance section in the ISO27001 standard calls for managers and system owners to perform regular security reviews and penetration tests, which should be carried out by competent providers such as Security Audit Systems.

At the end of the day it all comes down to making life as difficult as possible for the hackers and the penetration tactics that they will likely employ in order to gain access to your valuable data and information.

For additional information on website penetration testing, how your business could benefit and to try their suite of online penetration testing toolsgo toSecurity Audit Systems today. They have the experience and tenacity to provide a professional evaluation of your security by performing the likes of a penetration test allowing you to reduce to the likelihood of a security breach.

Don’t be a victim; take the necessary steps to protect your business from attack today!


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