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When a wide format media project is finally finished, there different ways to finish it off. What method you use will depend greatly on the purpose of the project and what it is. There are five main machines that are extremely useful in finishing a project. They might be a bit pricey, but they’re great investments for offices that regularly produce wide format media projects. Of course, you can finish the project by hand. That’s a lot more work than you really need to do, though.

Cutting Machines

An electric cutting machine can really cut into a business’s budget, but it’s a great investment whether you need to cut out small stickers and cards or you regularly produce banners, signs, or any sort of massive adhesive or wrap. Measuring and cutting anything manually can be tricky, and there’s no way to guarantee that everything you cut out will be exactly the same size. For this reason alone, cutting machines are an essential for any printer or business that requires heavy printing.

Binding And Stapling Machines

While staplers seem fairly insignificant, when you really think about how often an office uses staples and staplers to bind things together, you’ll realize how wrong that assumption is. Any stapler might work for the average office, but wide format printing projects tend to require stapling or binding equipment that is vastly more heavy duty than your average stapler. It’s important to have a machine that is efficient, cost-effective, and reliable to avoid having finished products that are poorly bound.

Laminating Machines

Much like with cutting machines, having a laminating machine in the office or studio is way more convenient than even attempting to laminate something by hand. More and more, these are becoming a common sight for that very reason. Everyone, from professionals to amateurs to individuals with a printing hobby, recognize the importance of having a laminating machine in house to give any print a crease-free and durable finish. Luckily, these won’t cut into anyone’s budget nearly as much as a cutting machine will.

Bookletmakers and Collators

A majority of offices around the world use different kinds of literature to get their message out to the public. Booklets, in addition to other forms of marketing literature, are extremely useful for any business. They provide a way for the business to give their clients access to important information, product descriptions, service explanations, and well, pretty much anything the business has to offer.  Bookletmakers and collators make this process much more efficient.

Creasers and Folders

If you’re a business that produces pamphlets or leaflets more than full books, a creaser or folder is a great way to increase efficiency. These machines have been used for years by both printing companies and organizations that employ massive mail-out campaigns. Similar to the cutting and laminating machines, a folding machine or creaser greatly increases efficiency, although this increase comes more from the amount of work and time consumed than from having the products cut or preserved. Still, higher efficiency is always better.

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