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Several people who buy Smartphones nowadays get pretty amazed due to the fact that there are a lot more ways to use a Smartphone then what they just knew. Quite interestingly, the selling of smart phones this year is comfortably and significantly outnumbering the market of PCs; I am sure that this trend might never turn around now. If you consider the power of today’s Smartphone; I would say that it would be considered as the most powerful PC back in the early 2000s. There is a wide variety of applications that make smart phones so powerful and we can control it all from our hands.

Make yourself familiar with the Smartphone ECG

When Smartphones keep getting smarter…

The days are long gone when people bought cell phones with one purpose only: communicating with others. Today, smart phones have entirely changed the picture and made cell phones a whole package of accessories.

Smart phones now do not only stand apart being a communication device and not only it lets you watch live videos, view pictures, and stream songs, get offline and online in a second; it does much more than that.

Now your Smartphone can monitor your health as well. That is right; you are getting some medical benefits out of your phone as well.

Using your Smartphone to monitor your health

Several Smartphone users think that they are the masters of using this technology because they can find longer routes through GPS or update their facebook status within seconds; there is a lot more going on these days. You might be amazed that now Smartphone can your monitor your heart condition as well.

Smartphones today can let you find out about allergic reactions, CPR, and much more that can make a big difference in urgent medical situations. Many Smart phones now are equipped with a heart rate recorder that will give you the benefit of doing an ECG from your home. However, an extra special device would be strapped to the chest connected with the phone through Bluetooth. Still, it is just amazing and a big achievement.

Sharing smartphone ECG data with your doctor

Once you have your ECG in details on your Smartphone, it can simply be forwarded to your doctor through email. No more you have to wait in lines to see your doctor especially when you require immediate assistance; your Smartphone is enough to accomplish big tasks such as doing ECG right away. Smartphone ECG has given these phones a whole new meaning; they can come handy in saving lives from now on.

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