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It’s pretty obvious to most that if you want to put a ringtone on your iPhone, all you have to do is access iTunes to do it. So what if you want to do it right then and there with only your iPhone handy? That is where the Ringtone Designer Pro comes in. The hard part is getting your homemade music actually put on the iPhone itself. Apple has put a bit of a block on what it will allow the application to do so it is at no fault of the developers that there is a problem in this area. It’s a case of not letting anyone put their own music on the iPhone is a straightforward way. It has to look like you basically got the ringtone from a different source. You have to swing it back and forth between computers an upload it through iTunes in order for it to work properly and for you to have access to it as your default ringtone.

It Seems Like A Long Process, But It’s Actually Quite Fast

If you look for any other way to put your own music on your iPhone, your looking at whole load of work that just sending information back and forth through sources. What this particular application lets you do is pick 30 seconds of music from a particular song of your choice and upload it as your general ringtone. It’s good to go into it knowing what portion of the song you wish to have. After this has been completed, you transfer the data via iTunes onto your personal Mac and then straight back into your iTunes and you’ll have it saved under your Ringtones tab. All you have to do is connect it to your iPhone an Voila!, you have your own personalized ringtone to be proud of.

The Conclusion

If there was a simple way to sync the information instead of having to go through a lot of steps, I would be completely satisfied with the application. Since there is no way to do this and this is the fastest way, then it will have to do. I also was really impressed with the user interfaces setup. There was only one instance when I was trying to get a particular song when my computer took a dump on me, but I’m not sure it was the apps fault at all. It may have been something else having to do with the DMR. Even though I’m overall satisfied with this product, there are a few kinks that need to be worked out.


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