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In an increasingly mobile world, people are quickly growing accustomed to having their technology right at their fingertips, and their television is no exception. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have long allowed users to bring their Youtube videos and other internet streaming videos with them on the go, and television companies and app developers have recognized an excellent market to tap into. TV, live and on the go, has quickly become a reality through a series of game changing applications.

DirecTV Voice

DirecTV Voice

DirecTV Voice allows customers to take their TV anywhere. They can use their iPhones to search, by voice command, through all the channels to see shows and movies and the times that they are playing. For example, a fan of Ben Affleck can tell the program to search through all movies and shows and display what will be playing with that actor. Or they can search and see the schedule of all Red Sox games for the week. They can also narrow their search by genre, day of the week, and just about any other criteria they can think of. It will save hours of having to browse through the channel catalog and can be done entirely by voice. As a bonus, the results are even displayed with helpful information such as reviews from different websites to help customers make the best pick about what they want to watch. When they find something interesting, they can use this iPhone app to begin recording the show or bookmarking it so it is easy for them to find at home later. If you are not a DirecTV subscriber you can find special offers on sites such as

Many reviews of this new technology have found it works very well, only really having trouble with great mispronunciations of complicated names or words. While it still cannot completely answer questions such as “what should I watch tonight?”  it is certainly moving in that direction and probably is not that far off.

Sky-Go and EyeTV Mobile

Although these two apps do not quite have the channel surfing capabilities of the DirecTV Voice, they are ground breaking in their allowance of customers to watch TV on the go. Sky-Go has designed a mobile program were customers can login, browse, select, and watch TV and movies live wherever they are. They can even watch and browse at the same time without needed to change the screen.

EyeTV Mobile has developed a portable antenna that picks up the TV signal just about anywhere. Since this antenna is not dependent upon the device’s power source, it does not drain batteries. It is also allows users to watch TV without being dependent upon WiFi signals, allowing even more freedom of mobility. It does not use data either, so watching shows will not drain a data allowance.

These three apps have shown how far technology has come in allowing customers mobile access to their favorite programs. No longer confined to living rooms, TV can now be watched on trains, in parks, cafés, and in stores. The customer’s control over their TV viewing experience is increasing in leaps and bounds.


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