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With the appearance of the Android operative system for mobile devices, a whole new specter of usability has emerged. This operative system transforms your cell phone into a powerful computer, giving it the power to edit and create any kind of documents, play movies and music, take high resolution photos and access the Internet without any constraints. Moreover, Android has its own software database where you can download and install the newest games and other applications on your mobile or your tablet device. So, regardless of your preferences, you are bound to find something cool enough to keep you in love with your phone.

However, if betting is you cup of tea, there are dozens of applications you can use for placing your bets wherever you are, by using your phone.

Favourit is an app which takes your mobile device to the official website of it, granting it access to one of the most diverse and creatively made betting communities. Through the Favourit app, you can stay connected to a social network of bookies and bettors, learning all you can about the games you are interested in. Also, while browsing the Favourit database, you can read numerous manuals and instructions, getting better at the game of betting and being there when the freshest insider info pops out.

Another Android-friendly application is the Betfair one. Famous for its stability and versatility, this app allows you to get a nice overview of the betting market and results of most recent games. So, once you read through the statistics, you can place your bet more carefully and outsmart the bookmakers. However, this app has a flaw. Namely, while you can take your bet back and withdraw the money from the official website, the app seems to lack this option. Yet, when you take all the positive sides of this app into consideration, you can ignore this tiny downside.

Zoombet is a great application for your betting spirit. It has the perk that Betfair lacks, giving you a chance of trading out a bet if it has a green-colored indicator.

Even though sports betting is what most of the Internet bettors are interested in, this is hardly all. People who are into horse racing can download Racing UK and head on to betting on their favorite stallion.

Additionally, if you wish to find out something more about the jockeys and hear rumors about certain races, the Racing Post is an app for you, helping you get the crucial information about the tracks, the riders and many other news related to this noble sport. So, once you learn all these things, your betting skills can improve, bringing you some nice cash earlier than you might have anticipated.

Simply enough, the world of online betting is very present on the Android platform. With an abundance of different apps serving as portals towards their official websites, you can never go wrong when choosing some of these remarkable betting tools, both for learning and for earning money.


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