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These days, many small businesses are using iPads in the field. They are handy tools for personal presentations, and they give users the chance to edit existing content while clients watch. EasySign gives your iPad (or iOS device, for that matter) another feature: support for adding a signature to a document. This simple, elegant application captures a client’s signature as he draws it with his finger or a stylus and then instantly adds it to the document in question. The app is free; you can pay by document. As we went to press, EasySign offered three documents for $0.99 and unlimited documents for $9.99, among other document bundles.


iA Writer

Sometimes, you need to focus on the page and get your thoughts down before you lose them. If a typical word processor’s buttons and features become too distracting, iA Writer is for you. This app provides an empty page and few features, but it makes those features count: You can write on the page as you normally would, or you can use Focus Mode, which displays only your most recent sentence so that you won’t be distracted by the text you’ve already written. (It’s capturing the text in the background, of course, and will display it whenever you need to see it.)



Apple’s Numbers is a spreadsheet app for your iOS device. The app lets you edit and create spreadsheets and open spreadsheets in other formats, including CSV and Excel. Built-in templates (boasting colorful bar and pie charts) make it easy to create impressive materials without the help of a keyboard and mouse. And iCloud support makes storing your charts a non-issue: You can access them on your iPhone or iPad (as long as the app is installed) from iCloud.

That’s handy if you find yourself with only one device. You can also share your documents by exporting them to common file formats and emailing them.


UpNext 3D Cities

Few maps can give you the sense of a city the way the free UpNext 3D Cities can. Each city map has 3D buildings that you can view from a bird’s eye perspective. Navigating the city is easy—you’ll be comfortable with it immediately. Want to zoom out? Simply use the pinch gestures that you use in other apps. Want to change the angle so you can better see the sides of the buildings?

That’s easy, too. Put two fingers on the screen, move them up or down, and you’ll find yourself looking right at the windows. At the moment, 3D Cities has full maps for Austin, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.



Dictamus is the dictation app you’ll wish you had when you’re using a freebie. One of the app’s many noteworthy features is its recording flexibility: You can rewind and overwrite a recording and you can edit it whenever you need to. It’s also capable of skipping pauses in the conversation, thanks to voice activation functionality. Another important feature: sharing. Dictamus supports Box, Dropbox, FTP, MobileMe, WebDAV, and, of course, emailing (among other sharing options). Sure, your iPhone has a built-in recording app, but its functionality doesn’t even approach what Dictamus offers.


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