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Strategy games are a good way to exercise your mind and enhance your thinking skills. They provide you with an opportunity to think practically to solve problems almost similar to real-life. A good example is reviving a business or tycoon games. However, we will not be discussing here the best PC strategy games; instead we will have a look on top 5 online strategy games. A good thing about online games is that there is no need to spend time on downloading them. Just connect with network and enjoy. Below are described the best 5 strategic games ( ).


This is a 2D online strategy game whose objective is to build your own city and protect it with your army and navy. As the game’s name reflects, it is based on Ancient Greece and so all the developments you make to your city are of medieval theme. You need to set up the city in such a way that it maintains its economy. There are several ways of doing this which are easy to understand once you fully understand the game. Finally you need to train not only army but also mythological creatures to defend your city from outsider’s attacks.

The Settlers Online

One of the best strategy game, The Settlers online allows the player to build his dream city and maintain it. Provide your population with all the comforts and necessities to keep them alive and happy. If you are looking for a game to teach you the best management of economic resources, then this game is for you. The best part of the game is that it is fully animated. You can see people moving from one place to another.


This is one of the most popular games manly due to its advertisements on several web pages. This old online strategy game involves cunning use of resources and diplomacy. Once you select the tribe you want to be from, the game begins. You have to make alliances, wars and most important race of building the wonder against other tribes. Starting from an undeveloped area, you have to turn it into a global empire using your management and intellectual skills.

Glory of Fellow Land

This online strategy game again has the similar main objective as the previous ones; build a magnificent empire out of small villages.  However, what differs it from others is its feature of improving skills and unlocking features with research. You need to invest on researching so you can enjoy several more activities in game like trading, spying etc. You may achieve the goal of the game by either making peace agreements or war with fellow tribes. The game difficulty depends somewhat on the category of player you choose in the start. Each category specializes in something while human being an all-rounder.

Tribal Wars

This online strategy games is probably the most popular one. Its objective is similar to the games described before but what makes it that much popular is its great graphics and availability in 30 languages. You, starting with a minor village, have to move to the goal of becoming the best warrior with great empire. You can conquer the land of other people but before that you need to increase your defence by training your military.


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