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Windows 8 has been regarded as a milestone in Microsoft’s operation systems. It is greatly different from any other systems released by Microsoft because of its new features. Users account is just one of them. In Windows 8, users are allowed to create two kinds of accounts: local account and Microsoft account. Here I’d like to analyze the two user accounts in Windows 8 respectively and then give you suggestions on how to secure Windows 8 accounts.


In Windows 8, local account is similar to that in Windows 7. It works fine for users working with traditional Windows programs on the Windows desktop. Local account allows several people to easily share a single computer. Each user can have a separate local user account with unique settings and preferences, such as a desktop background or screen saver. In Windows 8, local account holders can’t run many of the Start screen apps bundled with Windows 8, including the Mail app. Nor can they download new apps from the Windows Store. In Windows 8, local user accounts can also set up usernames and then create passwords for it. You needn’t worry about how to reset password in Windows 8 when forget your password. Instead, you just need to change to log in with picture password or PIN code, two new authentication methods developed in Windows 8.

When it comes to local account security in Windows 8, I firstly recommend you to create a powerful login password for your account. Make you text password unique and consisted of uppercase/ lowercase letters, base digits and special symbols. Besides, after you have created your text password, try to create a picture password or PIN code in case you forget your password one day. Besides, take care of your administrator account if you are not, for it has the ability to change your password without your permission. Meanwhile, whenever you download or update applications from the Internet, make sure the applications are reliable and safe.

As for Microsoft account (the new name for Windows Live ID), is an account that has been registered with Microsoft so that you can use their online services such as Hotmail, SkyDrive, Xbox, Calendar, MSN, or the Windows Store. In order to use most of these services and integrate them into Windows 8, users may need to use a Microsoft account when logging into a Windows 8 computer.

In order to secure your Microsoft account, the password also matters. Make your password 16-character long and combine three or more words instead of using just one word. It is also sensible to put numbers and symbols at the beginning or middle instead of the end. Besides, you’d better not add any personal information to your Microsoft account profile without a specific reason for doing so in consideration of better security, though Microsoft recommends you to do so.

By the way, since no matter it’s a local account or Microsoft account, password is of great importance, it is necessary for us to learn about some password reset tools in case we forget it one day. Actually, you can find many for use, say, John the Ripper, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, LCP, etc. Anyway, take care of malware or phishing.


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