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The apple products have dealt a huge blow in this year top latest gadgets. No apple gadget has featured in top ten latest gadgets of 2013. The highest ranked apple product is the iPad mini which comes in at number 15.
Samsung S4 and the 3D printers top the list as analysts project that the Samsung android phone to be the top selling smart phone of the year. There is also increased creativity in this year, with famous pebble watch also featuring in the top 10 list. The following are the top ten latest gadgets of 2013

1. Nvidia Project Shield
Nvidia Project shield is an android device that redefines gaming experience. It has top range audio-visual quality that allows you to enjoy top rated games away from home. It is also wi-fi enabled, which enable you to connect to your computer and play games without leaving your couch.

2. Cambridge Audio Minx Air
It is a music system that allows you to play music from a wide range of devices. The Cambridge Audio Minx Air is designed with excellent wi-fi and wireless streaming quality that ensures you listen to you favorite music without disrupting what you were doing. It is compatible to smart phones, computers, radios, tablets and apple products.

3. The pebble
This watch allows you to download and customize its interface. It connects via Bluetooth to android smart phones and iPhone, and silently vibrates to alert you of any incoming calls, messages or emails. The pebble is a stopwatch, GPS, computer and mp3 player.

4. Fujifilm X100S
This camera blends both the traditional and digital photography. It has 16.3 megapixels sensor and on chip phase detector, this gives it the fastest auto focus speed that it’s previous models. It also has EXR Processor II and lens modulator for optimized functions.

5. Paper Tab
The paper tab combines the digital endurance and paper flexibility to increase your efficiency on how we process documents. It allows the user to share files by simple tapping two different tablets together. It contains several papers that make it easy to open email by touching the pages together and a simple bend fast forwards a video play.

6. Sony 4K OLED TV
It is the world first ultra-high definition TV, 3840 X 2160 OLED panel. With its 56 inch wide screen, and quality detailed images, the television redefines the way people watch television.

7. Google glass
It gives its user hands free technology experience. The lightweight gadgets allows you to use voice commands to take photos, send messages, record videos, translates speech and get directions. The gadget also connects to the internet thus creating a hand free Smartphone that can be used for different purposes including hmrc tax credits searches.

8. Sony PlayStation 4
The gaming gadget comes with touch screen technology controllers and allows you to record, edit and upload gaming parts online. It provides new boosts to gaming experience.

9. Samsung Galaxy S4
This android gadget has a remote feature that allows its users to control the phone ’s functions without touching the screen. You can smart pause you video by simply looking away from the screen. The phone detects the eyes and wrist movements. Users can simply receive calls by waving their hands. Also, check the galaxy s7 specs here.

10. 3D printer
The printer has capability to map out an object into 3D model by laying simple plastic slices to form an object. It is projected that 3D printer will provide a excellent solution to various problems including forensic investigations



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