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Twitter is a micro-blog service which has became an internet sensation these days. People can send messages to all of their friends and followers using Twitter platform. Twitter is a great way of keeping in touch with friends and fans for celebrities and common people.

Once you get a good number of followers of Twitter then people will know about your views on various current topics and you will be in touch of your followers. Almost all the celebrities are using Twitter for this purpose. Twitter is also been used by companies to notify about their new product and press release information.

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Increase Followers on Twitter

  1. Create Good Avatar

Try to have a professional photo as your avatar for your profile because your profile picture says a lot of thing about you. If you put a group photo or an unprofessional photo on your profile then your profile will look like an unprofessional one. It’s a suggestion to have a professional picture as your avatar on twitter to have more number of followers.

  1. Tweet During Peak Hours

Stay connected to the media twitter profiles so that you get all the latest updates as they happen and all you need to do is that retweet or tweet those latest updates during the peak hours. Peak hours are the hours at which more number of people are online. Mainly people are online during the evening and morning time and you have to tweet good information at that time and people will surely follow you.

  1. Put an Effective Profile Bio

Once you are following the above two mentioned points in your twitter profile then people will visit to your profile to know what you have put on your profile bio as it says a lot of thing about you. So you need to have a professional or effective bio on your profile so that people surely click on the follow button.

  1. Retweet the tweets of Top Users

One of the best features of twitter is that you can retweet message back to the original twitter i.e. like John Abraham twitted one message today and you found it very interesting and thinking to give him a message as reply then you can do that by clicking on the retweet and your tweet will be delivered to him. Now when someone visits your profile, checks your recent tweets and if he is also a fan of John Abraham then there are 100% chances that he follows you and that’s what you want.

  1. Ask Questions

It’s the best practice which you can follow to get maximum followers to your twitter profile. You can ask questions related to general and personal interest to your followers and when your follower answer your question then he/she had to retwit to your original twit. This will make your profile visible to all of his/her followers and then there are chances that the followers of your friend might also add you in their followers list.

  1. Post Pictures

A picture can speak a lot than words and it always has its effect on the interest of people. To get people attracted towards your profile, you can try posting pictures in your twits. This will surely attract a lot of traffic towards your twit and then to your profile which will then increase the number of followers.

These were the top ways of getting maximum followers on Twitter.


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