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Ever wondered why the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, or why you always find it full at parties? It could be because of the fabulous gadgets we store in there. There is no end to the list of ingenious gadgets which have been invented to help us manage kitchen activities. The selection here are not all necessarily high tech but they will all make life easier and some may make you wish you were always tied to the kitchen sink.

Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets

All in the Preparation

Preparing ingredients can be the messiest part of cooking so any gadgets that can help minimise the fuss at this stage are a must have. If you are a fan of rich flavours garlic will no doubt be a regular feature in your cooking. However, you might not be such a fan of the lingering smell that clings to your fingers. With the right combination of gadgets such as the garlic peeler and press you can keep your fingers relatively free of direct contact. If you should have to handle the garlic then your must have is a stainless steel ‘soap’ bar which miraculously draws the odour away from your skin.

Perfect Rice Every Time

Rice is one of those things that is easy to cook but even easier to get wrong. As such a versatile staple food wouldn’t it be good to know you can get it right every time with no mess no fuss and minimal effort? You need a rice cooker. These stand-alone cooking aids come in electrical or heat retaining varieties. With electrical options the timer will tell you when your rice is done to perfection and some models will allow you to steam your veg, fish or meats over the rice, cooking your whole meal conveniently at the same time. Heat preserving pots simply cook the rice in retained heat once you have added the boiling water and secured the lid – what could be easier?

A well Earned Coffee Break

Whether you are taking a break between chores or entertaining guests, what better treat than to have a ‘proper coffee’ maker in your kitchen. There are a wide range of coffee machine models on the market and many can be purchased direct from your favourite coffee house, so you really can have that cafe experience in the comfort of your own home. Would you ever want to leave the kitchen with one of these installed?

Squeeze in a Healthy Option

If it is a healthier drinks option you prefer then your kitchen is not complete without a juicer. This really is one of those gadgets that makes the impossible possible. Yes we might all be able to get juice out of an orange or lemon, but could you honestly say you could get juice out of a carrot? With a juicer you will find all sorts of fruit and veg combinations for delicious and healthy snack drinks.

Time to Chill

Summer always seems to take us by surprise so you would be forgiven for not having ice at the ready when the sun strikes. Do not worry, you don’t need to invest in a whole new fridge-freezer unit – you can have ice on demand with a handy ice maker.


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