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We all know that Barcelona is a really nice city to live in. Many foreigners are establishing themselves in this Mediterranean city due to its great weather, good gastronomy and quality of life. But once we have decided to live in the Catalan capital, choosing the right neighborhood will definitely make the difference.

There is quite a difference from living in the city center, in the outskirts or in the upper side of the city. In this post we are going to talk about one of our favorite neighborhoods in Barcelona, Turó Park. It’s one of the most chic areas of the city, bringing together the best shopping areas, nice parks, private schools and many other amenities. It’s located between the city center and the mountain, what turns it into an especially interesting location for a relaxed life away from the bustle of the city but still inside it.

“If you are looking for a calm life but you aren’t willing to leave the city Turó Park might be the right neighborhood for you”

Calm Atmosphere

Even if it’s located really close to Passeig de Gràcia or Francesc Macià, this neighborhood offers a microcosm of calm to its inhabitants, where time seems to slow down and the streets and park invite you to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere.

Actually, the neighborhood is named after the beautiful park of almost three acres. The park is located at the end of Pau Casals Avenue, whose forests, gardens and ponds are something you should definitely visit once you are in Barcelona.

Turó Park

Designed by the architect Nicolau Rubió i Tudurí, Turo Park was opened in 1934. It’s a secluded, stylish and really cozy location. A nice corner in the shade of small forests and scenic spots of great beauty. The pond is one of the central areas of the park, which is full of goldfishes, turtles and water lilies that cover its surface. In addition to the children’s areas, there is a pleasant terrace ideal for having a drink while enjoying the nice weather of Barcelona. Since its creation is one of Barcelona’s most emblematic parks.

Exclusive Shops

As you have probably already imagined this is quite an exclusive and luxurious neighborhood. Actually many of the luxury properties in Barcelona city are located on this area, as well some of the most exclusive shops.

Walking around the neighborhood can make you find hidden treasures and establishments that will make a great shopping day. You will be able to come across national and international design boutiques, exclusive jewelery shops, unique pieces of furniture and decoration, flower shops and much more.

Close to the City Center

But living in a calm atmosphere doesn’t necessary mean to spend long hours commuting to the city center in order to get to the office. Actually, Turó Park is located walking distance from some of the biggest business areas of Barcelona, such as Francesc Macià, Diagonal or Passeig de Gràcia. So forget about getting stuck on the traffic or spending long hours on the train every day, living in a calm atmosphere and close to the center is possible in Barcelona. Don’t you find it an ideal way of life?


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