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Hummer was first conventionalized in 1979 and it was made for the US Army. In the military service, Hummer is also known as HMMWV or High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle. Soldiers simply call it “Humvee”. Many companies put forth best designs for the project and three were chosen among competitors. Those designs were from AM General, Teledyne and General Dynamics. The competition was intense and these companies seek to prove their worth. Just like any military service, US Army was really demanding in their vehicle requirements. They will only accept vehicles with the very best quality. AM General won the competition and in a period of 5 years, the company was asked to produce 55,000 Humvees. The design became the ultimate utility vehicle for the army. Eventually, the general public couldn’t resist the temptation of driving these utility vehicles. AM General finally released the civilian version of the design and it’s called the Hummer. General Motors acquired the Hummer brand and the right to market it from AM General in December 1999. However, AM General still produced Hummer for General Motors. Despite its military design, the civilian version is basically a SUV. It provides consumers with tough, rough and sturdy designs that they are fond of. As a result, the public was really impressed with the design, due to its immediately proven durability and strength.  For personal uses, Hummer can be used for off-road purposes.

Hummer is also able to reach disaster hit areas and used by aid groups to help people in need. H3 is the very well known model of Hummer, although the H1 and H2 models are popular as well. However, the H3 with its five-seater design is designed to cater to those who seek to get more SUV functionality from Hummer. Due to its focus on general public, H3 offers excellent fuel economy and it’s quite luxurious compared to previous Hummer models. As an example, its windows have soundproofing material to ensure better comfort. With proper sealing, passengers are finally able to speak at normal level inside the cabin, because the noise level has been reduced. Due to its militaristic design, the H1 and H2 were quite noisy. For added safety, side curtain airbags are added in the H3, which protect driver and passengers. Gauges are made very readable and large, with sun visors with pull out extensions and big knobs for HVAC. H3 comes with other features as well, including power windows, power locks, tilt adjustable steering column, audio system, remote keyless entry, air conditioning, cruise control, compass reading, electronic rear view mirror, traction control, anti lock braking system, stylish leather seats and monitoring system for tire pressure. The H3 also includes the OnStar system that tracks the vehicle after being stolen. New owner gets one year of free OnStar subscription. If you want to get the real SUV experience with real ruggedness and good comfort, the Humvee H3 should be an excellent solution for your needs. You need to drive a Hummer, because it has so much to offer.


Hummer is Still the Ultimate SUVHummer SUVHummer Ultimate SUVUltimate SUV

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