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Ways To iPhone App Promotion Strategy

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If smartphones are the hammers that will build the basis of the future, the apps can undoubtedly be looked upon as nails at the very seams of the wooden plateau of technology. Still young in terms of our time reference, yet quite seasoned when it comes to experience, mobile phone applications have provided billions with relief, ease and progress intensity all around the globe. However, with a plethora of these neat little inventions around, businessmen need to learn how to properly promote their apps.

Ways To iPhone App Promotion Strategy

Standing Out

With a myriad of available apps in every virtual store out there, the first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that your creation should tend towards uniqueness. You do not want to simply create a stopwatch, for example – there already are hundreds (if not even more) out there. You don’t want to go too far and equip your stopwatch app with a weather forecast tool either. Instead, think in terms of compatibility – a unique way to approach the given example would be to, for example add features related to time, such as countdown, world clock, etc. Remember to always think in terms of functionality and usefulness.


Try and ebb away from perceiving your peers as competition, at least in the very beginning. Collaborating with those who specialize in the same type of app can do wonders in terms of establishing new connections for your convenience. Offer them mutual promotion, or form a collaboration project. Either way, you can rest assured that this won’t go without a reward.


In the modern world of social media, people often neglect the importance of a website. This mistake can result in your app ending up appearing less professional and focused. Furthermore, instead of opting for a plethora of template designs for websites out there, either get crafty in terms of web design, or find someone who specializes in this area. Having a fully-functioning, frequently maintained, mobile friendly website can go a long way in providing quality promotion for your app. Remember, if you’re not on Google, you don’t exist.


Timing is crucial in the business of smartphone apps. You need to make yourself aware of what’s currently on demand in your desired area. Even more importantly, even if the type of app you’re selling is currently spiking in terms of demand, you have to synchronize your promotion – think about getting your iPhone app reviewed by app reviewing platforms like Appolicious that allows free and expedited review, PR, Internet commercials, banners, social media promotion, useful software reviews, blog posts – all exposure should hit the market at the same time. In this way, you’re making sure that your app promotion is hitting as much users as humanly possible.


Or at least do so at the very beginning. This way you’ll attract even more attention necessary for your app’s success. Once things heat up and the promotional period is well on its way, you can start charging your services, with more bonus content in offer. If your phone app is really one of quality, you can rest assured that people will pick up on it and pay you good money for the services it offers.


If giving out your app for free is made undoable with your current finances, you can always go trial. This can be done in two ways – either offer a full-service trial period, or make bonus content available for those who are willing to set aside a buck or two for the services you provide. This old, yet quite effective tactic has been around for a while for a reason. Additionally, this is a fantastic way to give your app a test run and see how it handles in the market.

There are many more ways of promoting an app out there in addition to the ones we mentioned – heck, you can even come up with a couple of your very own. All the advice aside, one thing is for certain – make sure that you expose your app to as many people as you can.


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