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Most professional photographers are aware that taking unique wedding photographs with a digital camera is different from taking the same photographs with a standard analog camera. While a digital camera provides the photographer with a number of advantages, he/she need to take into consideration a number of critical factors when taking such photographs.

Jeffrey Allen Dukes emphasizes that the following essential photography tips will help photographers take unique wedding photographs:

  1. Tip#1: Take the perfect shot without disturbing the wedding service

One of the most essential digital wedding photography tips that a photographer needs to consider is tackling the problem of taking unique photographs without interrupting the wedding service while it is in progress. For this, the photographer needs to switch off the sound in his/her digital camera.  This is because there is nothing more disturbing to the audience and hosts attending the wedding ceremony than the sound of a digital camera. Moreover, it is imperative for the photographer to time his/her movements with the camera along with the other activities during the wedding ceremony in order to achieve the uniqueness and boldness that a photographer needs for his/her photos without having to be obtrusive.

  1. Tip#2: Always be prepared

Most photographers are aware of the importance of preparation when taking wedding photographs especially when they are using digital cameras to take such photographs. It is imperative for the photographers to ensure that they have adequate number of batteries with them because batteries tend to drain out quickly. Moreover, no photographer worth his/her salt will want to be in a situation where he/she finds that his/her batteries have run of power before the conclusion of the wedding ceremony.

  1. Tip#3: Choice of Equipment

For a photographer, it is imperative for him/her to choose his/her equipment in advance and try to visit the location of the wedding event before the actual ceremony. In most cases, a tripod has a number of advantages when shooting digital photographs as it allows the photographer the opportunity to arrange and maintain the flawlessness of the photograph. Moreover, it is also advisable for a photographer to take an extra flash with him/her in the event he/she needs it.

  1. Tip#4: Editing

The most important advantage of digital cameras over analog cameras is that they allow the photographer the opportunity to modify, edit or enhance the photographs after taking them. It is possible for the photographer to remove certain elements from the photographs that he/she finds distracting. These advantages allow the photographers to concentrate on capturing the image with the knowledge that he/she can edit the photos afterwards.

  1. Tip#5: File Format

With the digital camera, the photographer has the choice of using a number of different file formats. While RAW is the ideal format in the case of digital wedding photography as allows the photographer the opportunity of manipulating the photographs after taking them, it requires additional processing time. On the other hand, a JPG file allows the photographer to achieve a high-quality image with a ideal compression ratio.

Jeffrey Allen Dukes explains that the following digital wedding tips can help the photographer get many satisfied customers.


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