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Each field comes with its complications and concerns, which is what sets the need for specialized lawyers. For instance, healthcare lawyers are well-versed in solving problems arising in their work area, healthcare. Similarly, real estate attorneys have experience in dealing with commercial property issues.

Under no circumstances can a lawyer from one field intervene in the matters of a lawyer from another field. This is why if you are stuck in a real estate issue, you will always need a commercial real estate lawyer by your side.

Let’s walk you through more details of what a commercial real estate lawyer does:

What is commercial real estate?

Before we dig in any deeper, it is critical to address what commercial real estate is. It is often referred to as real property dealings in a business context. So, matters such as building a new office space, leasing an office, or selling commercial property are all concerns that fall into the ambit of commercial real estate.

Not to mention, commercial real estate covers property concerns related to industrial and agricultural properties. It also covers residential properties which are held by businesses. Hence, unless the property is a residential area where a renter or homeowner is living, it is a commercial real estate property. Consequently, you will need a commercial real estate attorney to deal with any matters related to it.

What are commercial real estate lawyers?

Commercial real estate lawyers are ones who specialize in real estate laws. The law related to commercial matters regulates sale and transfer of properties for business purposes. Mainly, issues stem from property disputes or disagreements over the transfer, purchase, and sale of property for a business matter.

Commercial real estate law also covers other matters like land use, zoning issues, commercial leases, and liquor licensing. Attorneys in this field are experts in all these business-property related matters.

It’s important to note here that commercial real estate lawyers specialize in commercial real estate laws for a particular area. So, if you type in ‘Real Estate Attorney Arlington,’ you will learn of lawyers solving commercial real estate issues in Arlington. Such lawyers are very knowledgeable about contract laws, business laws, and property valuation.

What is a commercial real estate lawyer responsible for?

Real estate lawyers handle a multitude of tasks including researching laws, representing clients and assisting with contract negotiations. Real estate lawyers apply all their legal expertise and skills into solving commercial property-related matters covering everything in between disputes and transactions.

Such an attorney is also equipped to prepare, amend, and review documents concerning real estate. For instance, a commercial real estate lawyer is responsible for preparing mortgage documents, purchase agreements, and transfer documents, among other documents.

These lawyers are often also responsible for handling closings, which relate to purchasing the property from another person. Here is a breakdown of what a commercial real estate attorney does:

  • Research and handle paperwork

Legal documents rarely make sense to a layperson. Since you can’t neglect what is written in documents exchanged with a commercial transaction, you need a lawyer to understand the terms and conditions outlined. If you’re the one setting up terms and conditions, again, you’d need a lawyer to translate your requirements into legal language.

Therefore, a commercial real estate lawyer is responsible for researching commercial laws and handling all the paperwork.

  • Help clients through legal issues

A commercial real estate lawyer’s work is not limited to paperwork. He extends his skill to provide help in issues such as tenant claims, leaseholds, corporate ownership, or environmental issues. Their concerns are not easy to resolve. Therefore, a lawyer can help resolve legal issues.

  • Negotiate

Another fundamental responsibility of a real estate attorney is his help in negotiating commercial property matters. As investments get large, talks become emotional. The best move here, thus, is to employ the skills of a third party who is well-educated about sailing through the complex waters of legal matters.

Reasons to hire a commercial real estate lawyer

Owing to their wide knowledge of commercial real estate legal issues and service in specific areas, a real estate lawyer can help you with taking real estate decisions. Such an attorney can recognize the inherent risk of any commercial transaction.

Commercial real estate matters come with a lot of detailed work. And, you don’t want to get caught up in an issue like unpaid tax or zoning restriction. Hence, experienced lawyers can help to wade through potential issues so that your deal does not sink in the eleventh hour.

A qualified lawyer is also crucial for negotiating complex contracts. What’s more, the other party that you deal with is also likely to come with a lawyer, so it is best to have a trained legal person by your side too to protect your interests.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that an experienced real estate lawyer interprets commercial law, helps you negotiate commercial property deals, and saves you from making wrong decisions too. This is mainly because a commercial real estate attorney knows the ins and outs of a given commercial market.


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