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An increasing number of businesses today rely on third-party hosting to provide them with the IT infrastructure needed to operate. To simply keep up with market trends and meet customer expectations a hosted online presence – ecommerce shop, website, database, etc. – demands the highest levels of performance and flexibility. But, the real game-changer is an enterprise solution that offers levels of customisation.


With Magento hosting for example, a business can elevate its entire web presence with optimised IT for their exacting requirements. Whether it’s hardware, application, network, data warehousing, Magento hosting provides the complete flexibility to deliver business specific online services that help you to innovate and grow as a business within a marketplace where many are still struggling with internal and often creaking IT architectures. It is these advantages that are making all the difference…

Maximum Exposure

The business world revolves around virtual interactions, as such a significant amount of work (and play) is conducted online. Magento hosting provides quick and easy online access to critical business applications anytime, anywhere, enabling in-house resources to be better utilised on more important tasks. This is a considerable advantage for those who implement such a strategy, as big data takes hold of every facet of your business and mobile device utilisation impacts every role.

Businesses today need to maximise their online presence (website or store) with an e-commerce platform that is integrative, collaborative, high-performance and precision built for the purpose of your staff, your customers, your partners.

Native Experience

The impact of Magento hosting services allow end users – staff and your all-important customer base – to have a much more native and pleasurable online experience when visiting your e-commerce site. For example, enabling them to quickly browse and filter products, handle and process shopping baskets, manage orders, shipments and choose different payment options.

This seamless integration comes through e-commerce technologies that keep your site security and performance optimised at all times, which in turn enhances your ability to deliver better customer experience than your competitors. What is more, as a turnkey solution, Magento’s flexibility allows you to manage hosting requirements to meet your unique shopftont objectives – offers, promotions, communications, support and maintenance – that help you scale services or product ranges as market trends/customer demands evolve.

Tech Talk

From a power vs. performance perspective, that has so many IT aficionados hot under the collar, Magento hosted services are fully supported and developed by 3rd party experts specifically employed to facilitate you and your online presence. To run everything smoothly each and every day, by monitoring and measuring performance to reduce bottlenecks and downtime that can destroy user confidence. This is achieved through load balancing large volumes of traffic across high-speed networks that are firewall protected and application/interface level secure.

Such a hosted platform thus creates integrated business and technical operations, by deploying resources at the right time and in the right place within any workflow process.

Open Source Flexibility

Magento hosting is a commercially available, open source platform built on a powerful and intuitive e-commerce script. Therefore, integrating it with other IT infrastructure creates tremendous flexibility – modular, customisable, online architecture with infinite scalability, whilst at all levels, enabling you to control hardware, applications and user communities.

At a time when budgets are shrinking and resources are getting stretched, this creates the best opportunity for today’s business leaders to elevate their brand and products in an ever expanding world of online shopping and marketing.

Dedicating Resources to Customers

By using Magento hosting, you can run your business with much greater peace of mind, as technical support of your hosted service is outsourced to those that are dedicated to keeping your site running in an optimised state. This enables you to deliver better customer service yourself and enhance their experience using you.

You are therefore better placed to assign your own resources to lead generation/retention through personalised relationship management, interacting in their preferred contact medium and language. This all builds customer loyalty and awareness around your brand.

The globalisation of professional and consumer behaviour has made your ability to run an online business a must! Flexibility, power and performance comes from using hosted web services that are outsourced to experts who can take the pressure and expense of running complex systems off your hands.

Magento hosting provides this best-fit framework to get the most out of IT, identify customer behaviours and help you make the right choices based on an online shop front and platform that is representative of today’s tech savvy individuals.

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