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Do you think using mobile phone spy software like iPhone Spy to monitor a spouse or child is a little too “James Bond” for your tastes?  After all, just five short years ago no one resorted to using “snooping tools” like iPhone Spy to monitor loved ones—but that’s only because iPhones hadn’t been invented yet!  Because today when it seems like everyone has at least one smart phone, using a mobile phone spy app to monitor a loved one isn’t too James Bond—its common sense!  In fact, here are three reasons why you absolutely need mobile phone spy software in today’s society:

Keep Children Safe

Today, children are constantly bouncing from one activity to another making it almost impossible for a parent to always know where they are at any given time.  Mobile monitoring tools like iPhone Spy provide Real Time Location Tracking using GPS technology so they can see where their children are at any given time.  Many mobile phone spy applications also include a Location History Feature that tracks all cell phone movement so parents can see exactly where their children have been all day.

Monitor a Loved One

Using tools like iPhone Spy to monitor your spouse is about one thing and one thing only:  Getting you the answers you want and deserve!  To be sure you get those answers, avoid simple mobile phone spy apps that only track location or provide contact details.  You need spy software that includes advanced tracking features that can monitor all cell phone activity.

Specifically, you need monitoring tools like iPhone Spy because they include advanced surveillance features that tell you:  Who your loved one is speaking to; What they are saying and; Where they are going.  So to ensure that you can truly monitor all cell phone activity, be sure to use mobile phone spy software that includes these features:

ü  Call Recording

ü  Text History

ü  Web Browsing History

ü  Video Log

ü  Picture Log

ü  Contact Details

ü  Reverse Phone Look-Up

ü  Surround Recording

ü  Location Tracking and Location History

Protect Against Identity Theft

Believe it or not, monitoring tools like iphone Spy don’t just help you snoop on loved ones:  They can also help protect you against fraud and identity theft.  Today’s smart phones are filled with more of our sensitive information than ever before.  If this information were to fall into the wrong hands because our cell phone were lost or stole, mobile phone spy tools like iphone Spy can help protect your identify and personal information if it includes these features:

ü  Phone Wipe: If your cell phone spy software includes this feature, you can remotely trigger a “Phone Wipe” and erase all of your critical information before someone has the chance to use it to commit fraud or identify theft.

ü  SIMS Change Notification: If someone tries to steal or replace your SIMS card, this mobile phone spy software feature will send you notification.

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