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There hasbeen a gradual shift in the form of data storage, from banking on external hard drives for storing data to turning to the cloud for keeping data safe. Interestingly, there has also been a shift in consumer trends. There was a time when people did not think beyond using the desktop and the laptop.

Due to the increased availability of smartphones and tablets people have shifted their interest towards using these devices for managing data storage. So let us focus on using some of the popular Android cloud apps that are in sync with your phones so that storing as well as accessing data becomes fast, easy and convenient.

  • Dropbox– This is considered to be one of the best apps that people can use either on their Smartphones or Tablets. This software has always been popular among desktop users. Now with the app out, people are using Dropbox more and more because of its simple and easy-to-use features. A free 2GB of space is given after creating an account and the memory can further expand up to 16GB. It acts like any other folder in your desktop and you can save documents, pictures and even videos. The best feature is you have easy access to your Dropbox folder.
  • SugarSync – There are many who are not addicted to their Android smartphones but use it merely out of necessity. For them, this is the best online data storage app, because you don’t need to stay online to get access to the data stored in this app. SugarSync gives users access to browse through files even without staying connected. In case you need to save a bulk amount of data, then look no further as this app provides one of the best search features. This app provides a standard 5GB free and accommodates saving files, photos, videos and can even exchanges the same across various devices other than just mobiles.
  • Amazon CloudDrive– This app should be your go to software if you are keen on uploading photographs but you require an interface that supports the same functionality smoothly. The free version of the Amazon CloudDrive app gives you 5GB of free space and this allows all types of files to be stored easily.
  • Google Drive – This app is now available on your Smartphones and Tablets as well. There is a sense of familiarity and trust that people have with this app because of its increasing use while using email accounts. Google Drive is constantly updated the ability to keep the Drive integrated with Google Plus accounts is another pro. This constant upgrading has helped Google offer 15GB storage space in all Google features.

These are some of the most reliable apps that people can use on their Smartphones and Tablets. In case you are looking for certain special functionalities, then you can choose the app that addresses your needs the most.


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