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Do-it-yourself home improvement projects are rewarding and challenging. Luckily, there are some iPhone apps available that can bring out the handyman in everyone. Whether it’s a painting project or plumbing upgrade, these apps are sure to be just as useful as your toolbox.

1. Palettes


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Color matching is close to impossible, but with Palettes, you can match paint colors with fabrics and other wall colors by simply taking a picture of the items you want to match. Palettes will even suggest color combinations and the best part is, it’s free.

2. Handy Man DIY

One of the most daunting tasks of any home improvement project is budgeting for materials. Handy Man DIY categorizes the supplies needed for each project based off measurements and project type. It’s a $1.99 download and includes video tutorials too.

3. Mark On Call

DIY is all about proper project planning and with Mark On Call, a $2.99 download from the App Store, you can plan the layout of your home’s new space before you even hammer the first nail. It’s like having an interior designer in your pocket.

4. iScrew

Do you know the difference between metric and standard hardware or their various thread pitches? If not, then iScrew is for you. This app only costs $0.99 and it educates even the most novice homeowner on screw, bolt, and fastener classifications so threads aren’t crossed.

5. Dream Home

If you think you need an interior designer to help you make sure the wall color and couch don’t clash or that your chic rug matches your new roman blinds, think again. Dream Home does the interior design work for you. This $1.99 interior designer-created app (on sale now for 50% off) makes design suggestions based off your own tastes.

6. Angle Finder

Even the most experienced carpenters have trouble cutting and matching crown-molding angles. Angle Finder, just $0.99 from the App Store, allows even carpentry beginners to get bevel and miter cuts right the first time by doing all the calculations ahead of time.

7. Pitch Gauge

Pitch Gauge is a free app that helps find the pitch of your roof and any surface adjacent to it just by taking a picture. This is essential for the extreme DIY homeowner looking to add a room to the house or even just build their own shed or gazebo.

8. Floor Finder

Carpet is out and hardwood is in with this free app. Floor Finder allows you to choose from a variety of hardwood types and simply place that style over the floor to be replaced via iPhone photo. So, you can see what the hardwood looks like before it’s even installed.

When it comes time to take that next home renovation challenge into your own hands, try one or all of the apps above and look like a professional while you’re at it.


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