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Sailing to the Caribbean or cruises to the Mediterranean sounds like such an old fashioned, quaint type of holiday, doesn’t it? In fact, most of us probably associate it more with gently sipping cocktails under the stars than with cutting edge technology. Nevertheless, there are some very smart and modern ideas onboard these days.

The Flat Screen Port Hole

As well as saving a lot of valuable space these flat screen TVs have an extra function; that of a port hole. If your cabin is on the inside of the ship then the scenery shown on here will help add to the atmosphere for you.

All the Information You Need

The TV in your cabin also acts as an information and reservation service. Here is where you can find out about excursions and plan your dining.

Videos When You Want Them

There are plenty of things to do on a modern cruise sailing but watching some interesting movies in the evening is still a good idea. You might have a DVD player or you might have a built in film menu.

  Wi-FI All Over the World

Who doesn’t like to stay in touch these days? You are probably best staying away from those work emails if you can but telling your family all about the trip and sending back some photos is a great way to end the day.

Mobile Phone Tricks

This technology is at different stages with the various cruise lines but the idea is that your phone can open the door to your cabin, order you drinks and receive notices about your dining options for the day.

Cabin Safe

In order to keep all of your possessions safe without forcing you to remember yet another PIN there is different technology at play here. Over time you will be able to use your phone to open the safe as well.

No Wasted Photos

If you like to print photos of your holidays then onboard you can use a special kiosk to see them before you print.

Smart Wristband

This is a far cry from the simple, coloured bands they give out at all inclusive hotels. The idea is the same but these use RFID technology so that the ship’s crew know where you are at all times and can look after you better as well as clean your room when you are out.

Biometric Advances

This is mainly going to be seen in the area of ship security but there may be additional uses over time too. A retina scan, for example, will let you open your door and could help you customize the ship’s services too.

Connect Everything

Most cabins now come with smart connectivity centres which allow you to hook up all of your gadgets in an integrated manner.


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