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DesignMantic Aims To Re-imagine The Way We Approach Design

October 29th, 2013 – DesignMantic announces it is launching out of beta, aiming to re-imagine the way we approach design. DesignMantic is the Internet’s first and only HTML 5 do-it-yourself logo maker.

DesignMantic’s user-friendly design tools and extensive color and custom image selections help businesses create unique, lasting brands that reflect their individual identities and capture customer attention. Business and wedding card functions offer simple, professional options for special events and person-to-person marketing. A full-time staff of devoted project managers is also available to help businesses or individuals find the design that’s right for them, with two-day turnarounds and full money-back guarantees to ensure a quick product that always exceeds expectations.

DesignMantic Aims To Re-imagine The Way We Approach Design

With over 150,000 downloads in its first six months of activity, full on-the-go mobile compatibility, new banner and flyer options currently being developed, and launches in three new languages scheduled before the end of the year, Designmantic is poised to become the go-to logo design tool for businesses and individuals everywhere looking to make their own creative visions into beautiful, high-quality realities.

“The best thing about Designmantic,” said Zaheer Dodhia, “is that it lets the users create for themselves. We provide enough color, formatting and font options that the possibilities are limitless. And there are useful instructional aids on our blog and on the website to help people get started. But we want our users to be confident about their own creative visions, so that when they’re finished with their logos or their business cards, they have something that really shows who they are and what they’re about, that presents the message they want it to.

“And so far we’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from the people using our site.”

The goal, he explained, is to make professional-quality design tools available at affordable prices to small businesses that need the branding without the costs, and individuals who want to put a personal touch on formal invitations and advertisements.

Private marketing teams and printshops make things more complicated than they need to be, he said.

“It’s a way of getting money. You have to convince people that they don’t know what they’re doing, so you can charge a lot for your services. The whole thing has to be mysterious, because what you’re charging for is really labor costs.”

But creating a good logo, said Zaheer Dodhia doesn’t need to be so difficult, or so expensive.

“What we’ve done is make the whole process as simple, intuitive and affordable as possible, without sacrificing quality. If you give people the right options, and make everything easy to use, they can figure out for themselves how they want their designs to look. We’re always there to help, and we try and provide as much good information as possible, but here at Designmantic, we want people to feel empowered about their messaging. Especially for things like wedding or business cards, but also with business logos, too, that personal touch is important.”

Creating a logo, he said, is about more than just putting a stamp on a business.

“The logo is the first thing everyone sees, but it’s also what sticks in people’s heads. It’s a brand, it’s an identity, and the most important thing is that it be distinctive, that it represent the business and the business wants to convey.

“With that in mind, we think it’s meaningful to give people the tools to be able to create these brands themselves, because in the final product, that personal attention really comes through.”

On Designmantic, users can comb through the site’s extensive design archives free of charge, matching colors and fonts on interactive, straightforward online displays, and only paying for designs they like. Sing-in accounts let users save their progress and edit any of their past designs whenever they want, even from cell phones and tablets.

In the next few months, Designmatic is going to be rolling out a new set of services to make the site more comprehensive. Flier, banner and signage tools will be part of the internet’s most expansive do-it-yourself graphic design engine. New interfaces in languages like German will let online communities across the world take advantage of a tool 150,000 people have already used to create their own business logos and personal cards.

With designs oriented specifically toward everything from religious groups to automobile service stations, Designmantic, the only individualized design studio on the internet, is making a bigger and better push to offer services to everyone.

About DesignMantic

DesignMantic is a startup aiming to change the way we approach design work. With the startup’s platform, designing a Logo has never been easier. Just enter your company name to get started. It’s fast. It’s simple and free to use. DesignMantic was founded by Zaheer Dodhia in 2013.


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