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Portable Document Format is a wonderful universally accepted file format for its security, usability and distributive features. Because of its unquestioned universal popularity, people all over the world tend to overlook some of its drawbacks and the advantages that can accrue by converting to some other graphical file format. One such drawback is that PDF documents can only be viewed in a dedicated PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In comparison, JPG file format is a famous image and graphics related file format. JPG file doesn’t need any additional or dedicated viewer or application to be viewed. Every operating system contains one or other kind of image viewers built into them and almost all of these image viewers can open the JPG files. Even if we talk about viewing JPG images online in the web browsers, almost every web browser has the built-in feature of displaying images so you don’t need any additional plug-in. Although you can also open PDF files in your web browser, but you are required to install additional Adobe reader plug-in in the browser and you know that installing additional plug-ins can slow down the working of web browsers to a certain degree.

Conversion From PDF To JPG

An added convenience of JPG format is that it can directly be used in a Power point presentation by a simple Copy paste operation, whereas extracting images from PDF files is not an easy task to accomplish.

Considering all these points in favor of JPG files, one finds it very useful to convert some of PDF files to JPG. PDF converter pro for Mac is feature rich converter program for converting PDF files to JPG. You can have a look at the features of PDF converter pro for Mac at You can easily convert you PDF files to JPG or any other file format of your choice like Word, Power point, Excel, HTML, EPUB or Plain Text using this multi-purpose PDF converter program.

You can download and install the PDF converter pro for Mac from the above mentioned URL and start converting as many PDF files to JPG as you want. Just run the program and have a look at the interface of the program to see how easily you can convert PDF files to JPG in a few clicks.

You have two flexible and easy options to import PDF documents to be converted by either choosing PDF files from “Add PDF files” option or by simply dragging and dropping them on the interface of the converter.

After adding the PDF files you want to convert, you can also specify the particular number of pages in each PDF file that you want to convert without having the need to convert the whole PDF files. Change the output format to JPG (.JPG) in the Output Format Setting drop down list and click OK to confirm the settings.

You are good to go and start converting the files by clicking the convert Button. See a complete guide to convert PDF to JPG at After the completion of the conversion, you have your desired JPG files that you can use in any desirable way.


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