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Cricut and the new Silhouette Cameo are two of the most sought-after machines of their kind. Both of them are feature-rich and they come with a series of useful benefits, but the question still remains: which one is better, the Cricut or the new Silhouette machine? One thing is for sure: although both of them are great, the small details are the ones that truly make a difference. Here is a brief overview of the main differences between these two machines, that will help you decide which one’s the most suitable for you.

One of the main difference between Cameo and Cricut is that the first one can cut any length (although the recommended length is around 40 inches), while the latter can cut 12-inch wide. On the other hand, the Silhouette online store is very comprehensive, easy to navigate and it has a wealth of products where you can choose from.

Cricut Vs. Silhouette - Which One Is Better?Another aspect that makes the Silhouette machine stand out from the rest is the fact that while other machines like Cricut require a mat when handling certain materials, this is not the case with Silhouette. For instance, if you work with vinyl shirts you will not need a mat to make everything go smoothly. In addition to this, the Silhouette machine is very silent and you do not need to worry about not choosing the right blade or the correct blade depth. All you need to do is to select the type of material that you are using, and this smart machine will take care of all the other aspects. As simple as that, you get the work done quickly and with no hassles: however, this is not the case with the Cricut machine, where you need to select the desired blades and speed depths before you move on to the next step.

However, it must be mentioned that Cricut comes with a myriad of different free or very affordable SVG’s where you can choose from, and this machine comes with a user-friendly and easy to use software which allows you to quickly connect it to the computer.

Silhouette has several features and benefits over Cricut: for instance, the print and cut feature of this machine is very easy to use and convenient: as a matter of fact, you can even choose to add registration marks to your printed images. At the same time, the overall machine is lightweight, compact and easy to move around the house. If you do not have enough storage room, you can easily transport it wherever you want. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the Cricut machine, which is considerably heavier than the new Silhouette Cameo.

Cricut Vs. Silhouette - Which One Is Better?

Nonetheless, it must be mentioned that both machines come with several downsides that cannot be ignored. For instance, the cartridges for the Cricut machine can be quite expensive, while the studio software of the Silhouette studios has a slightly leaning curve. Other than that, both these machines get the job done but the secret is to choose the one that best meets your needs and fits your projects.


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