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Will Foreign Universities Provide Scholarships To Indian Students?

People now a days have been moving to different western, northern and eastern countries for higher education like Masters, PhD, Undergraduate and many more courses. People are tending to study in the reputed Universities so that they can pursue their education with all entertainment, thorough practicals and deep investigation of the theory and the subjects, whereas some local universities may not provide all the fun and exact study, theory with practicals of the study one want to pursue briefly. But, finance have become a major problem for the students to pursue their Masters or any higher education in the Universities at different parts of the world. As the value of the rupee have been declining from day to day people are unable to pay the fees for their higher education. So, the abroad Universities are providing the funds as scholarship to the students those who have good academics.

Will Foreign Universities Provide Scholarships To Indian Students?

There are different types of scholar ships available for students throughout the year at all academic levels such as Undergraduate which has three scholarships, Postgraduate which provides six scholarships and Postgraduate Research. These scholarships will provide full tuition fees except the living expenses.

The University of Birmingham provides the international students a sum of eighteen individual scholarships only for the tuition fees each year for Masters Program.

In the same way The University of Westminster will provide many numbers of full tuition fee waiver scholarships only if your overall academic performance is good.

Will Foreign Universities Provide Scholarships To Indian Students?

Macquarie University International Scholarships, Australia (MUIS) will offer students to pay their tuition fees for all the international students either in an Undergraduate or Postgraduate course work.

Similarly that of the University of Westminster, The University of Bocconi also offers the students under the Bachelor’s Program or the Masters of Science Program at Bocconi, Italy only if the students academic progress is beyond their expectations.

In the same way the London Metropolitan University will provide funding to the merit international students and only for the students who want to pursue their Masters Degree at the University.

Will Foreign Universities Provide Scholarships To Indian Students?La Trobe’s Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES) are only targeting high and merits students all over the world and are providing funding across all the La Trobe’s Postgraduate and Undergraduate Degrees.

The University of Bristol will provide 10 International Office Scholarships for all worldwide students for those who want to pursue their Postgraduate and Undergraduate Degrees at their respective University.

The interesting fact is that The University of West England International Ambassador Scholarships (UK) London, provides the international students a sum of hundred funding programs for any full time Postgraduate and Undergraduate Degree courses at their University.

Among all the countries in the world most of the people tend to go to American Universities to pursue their Master Degree. So, Fulbright Fellowships for Indian Citizens and Ambassadorial Scholarships by The Rotary Foundation are providing the scholarships for the Indian students in America.

The last and foremost thing is, any student who wants to pursue their Masters degree or any Postgraduate and Undergraduate Degree, then he or she should undertake the GRE(America), TOEFL or the IELTS, etc., tests.


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